Longtime Bartender In Memphis Died After A Weekend Shooting

Shea Grauer, a longtime Memphis bartender and former manager of The Beauty Shop, was slain in a shooting early on Saturday. A 55-year-old man, he.

At 12:03 on Saturday morning, Memphis Police Department officers were called to a shooting at Lockett Place and South Belvedere Boulevard. The department verified Grauer’s death in the incident to The Commercial Appeal.

As of Monday morning, MPD had not named any suspects and stated that the investigation is still ongoing.

Grauer’s friends and coworkers paid tribute to him online over the weekend.

 Longtime Bartender In Memphis Died After A Weekend Shooting
Longtime Bartender In Memphis Died After A Weekend Shooting

Shea was much more to everyone who had the privilege to know him or spend time in his world than just a buddy, according to Karen Carrier, owner of The Beauty Shop. No matter the personal loss he experienced over the years, he continued to brighten our days with his grin, charm, stupid puns, and love of life.

Grauer has worked at The Beauty Shop for 18 years, the last 17 of those years as a manager.

Carrier stated, “There are no words to describe this tragedy. “He was an abandoned light. Shea was not only good but also somewhat miraculous. Everyone who knew him smiled when they saw him.”

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Grauer worked with Kevin Keough, proprietor of the eateries Bar Keough and Café Keough when Grauer was still employed by The Beauty Shop.

I originally encountered Shea while he was employed by Side Street and Zinnie years ago. That was before The Beauty Shop recruited him,” Keough claimed. There are a select few people you get to work within your life that stand out. Shea sparkled.

Grauer and Leanna Tedford have been friends for more than 25 years. She remarked, “He was just a great person. “His children were his everything. He spent a lot of time in the hospital with his daughter Chloe, and after she passed away, he visited La Bonheur to hold unaccompanied infants. That is the type  of person he was.”

Grauer and Bill Stearnes were close friends for thirty years. “I firmly believe Shea discovered his purpose in life a long time ago. You could tell how ferociously he cared for those close to him. Every day, you could see it in his smile.”

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