Love Is Blind Danielle And Nick: When Did They File A Divorced?

Alive and well, Danielle Ruhl. The Love Is Blind star discusses her “biggest regrets” over her divorce from Nick Thompson as the ex-lovers appear to have reconciled in a cuddled-up selfie posted on social media over the weekend. In an interview with Meghan King for the May 8 episode of the podcast Intimate Knowledge, Ruhl claims that she gave Thompson “a sincere apology” for her actions in public after their breakup.

During the second season of the Netflix reality series, which was broadcast in 2022, the couple got engaged and married. Less than a year later, in August 2022, Ruhl filed for divorce, and the estranged couple started arguing on social media.

Love Is Blind Danielle And Nick

“I am going to be incredibly transparent about how immature I acted right after the divorce in terms of like, some of the things I was posting on social media,” Ruhl now says. “It’s one of my biggest regrets.” She adds that the breakup was especially difficult for her because they decided to end their marriage in a text message conversation.

“The fact that the last time I saw him was Lollapalooza, there’s no real closure there,” she says. “And the way that I acted right after the divorce, I was kind of a looney tune because [of] not having closure. Not being able to have a conversation, just getting divorced publicly without even being able to talk to him, I didn’t act the best. “I still think that there’s love there” between them, but “there’s hate there, too.”

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Only a few weeks ago, after Ruhl revealed her mental health struggles, both Ruhl and Thompson spoke out in support of better treatment of reality stars during production. She even appealed to people to donate to mental health organizations in her Instagram post. You can see the post below:


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Those remarks, according to Ruhl, were the catalyst for their reunion. I think that the ball is in his court,” she says. “I’m going to respect his boundaries right now and wait to see until he’s ready to have a conversation.”  A note in the episode description of the podcast says.

As a result of this interview, Nick and Danielle have reunited.” Ruhl appeared to confirm this in a selfie posted to her Instagram Story on Sunday. Ruhl and Thompson are snuggled up together in the photo. She captioned the image, “Sup.”

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