Luke Bryan On Katy Perry Replacement

On May 7, the Top 7 from American Idol will sing for the judges. But WHICH judges? There will be Luke Bryan. But Lionel Richie and Katy Perry are at odds with each other in a big way.

Both are set to play at the concert for King Charles III’s coronation at Windsor Castle in England on the same day. The two judges will have to skip the show unless they want to judge via hologram at 1 am UK time. Now, Luke Bryan gives a hint about who MIGHT replace Lionel and Katy on the panel.

Luke Believes “Big-Time” Stars Will Replace Lionel And Katy

ET’s Cassie DiLaura talked to the country singer on Friday, a day before he was the main act at Stagecoach in the California desert. He hinted that big-time musicians who have sold a lot of records will be coming in for the duo.

“That’s a big deal. “It’s a big deal,” Luke told ET. “The people who are stepping in are former contestants, and their songs have been used many, many times. “Way more than my share!”

Luke Bryan On Katy Perry Replacement

But he couldn’t say more because “he did not want to get kicked off Idol.” It’s a big secret. Fans will have to wait and see who will join Luke on the judge’s table while Katy and Lionel take part in a historic weekend. You know to read about What Is Justin Bieber Selena Tattoo About?

Katy Is Grateful To Perform For His Majesty

Katy told ET on the Idol red carpet earlier in the week, “I’m thankful I get to go. “A few years ago, I met His Majesty-to-be, and he made me one of the ambassadors for his organization, The British Asian Trust, which works to stop the trafficking of children,” Katy said. “So, I’m also a spokesperson for UNICEF, which was a great fit for me and what I believe in. I’m mostly going to be an ambassador and say, “Hey, I’m from the United States.” No, but that’s so cool.”

Below we have given a tweet about Katy Perry will not be able to attend week after next’s “American Idol” (May 7) due to King Charles’ coronation concert, and she will be temporarily replaced. You can see below:

Even though Lionel and Katy were already scheduled to be on American Idol on May 7, they couldn’t say no. It’s a big deal to sing at a British wedding, which only happens once in a lifetime. It doesn’t hurt the show too much. They can say that their judges are good enough for a coronation show and have fun with stunt casting.

Luke’s Stagecoach Show The Top 12

When American Idol airs coast to coast on Sunday, April 30 (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame theme with coach Adam Lambert) and Monday, May 1 (Judges Song Contest theme), maybe host Ryan Seacrest will talk about the guest judges. You must know about What Happened To Justin Bieber? Is He Suffering From Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

Both nights start on ABC at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. When it came to Luke’s Stagecoach show, the Top 12 were in the front row. On Sunday, April 30, you can see clips of their big journey.


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