Luther The Fallen Sun: All You Need To Know About  Cast And Release Date

Fans of BBC’s Luther were quite disappointed to have lost their favorite DCI John Luther after the show finished with its fifth and final season in 2019. Yet because of the show’s success, he will make a comeback in the upcoming film Luther: The Fallen Sun in February. It should go without saying that Idris Elba will play John Luther one final time. Elba is one of the project’s producers as well.

The brilliant DCI John Luther is followed in Luther: The Fallen Sun, who is now discredited and imprisoned, as a serial killer, who terrorizes London. He, therefore, escapes from prison and will do everything it takes to find the murderer. The movie is a prequel to the original, long-running British series, and it will conclude the plot. It was written by Neil Cross and directed by Jamie Payne.

It’s time to familiarise yourself with London’s best as the movie will shortly be released. The five seasons of the series are presently available to stream on Hulu, so if you haven’t started watching it yet, this could be a good time. See everything that is currently known about Luther: The Fallen Sun, including the story, the release date, the cast, the characters, and more.

When And Where Is The Release Of Luther: The Fallen Sun?

Luther The Fallen Sun
Luther The Fallen Sun


Both a theatrical and digital release of The Fallen Sun is scheduled. On February 24, 2023, the movie will make its theatrical debut in a few cinemas. Two weeks later, on March 10, 2023, Netflix will make the film available for streaming.

Is There A Trailer For Luther: The Fallen Sun?

On February 9, 2023, Netflix formally unveiled the Luther: The Fallen Sun trailer. It feels like Luther’s entire career is coming together in this powerful two-minute short. The great investigator is now up against a deadly criminal in the final chapter of his adventure, who will do anything to destroy Luther and everything he stands for.

Below is a youtube video connected for the trailer of The Fallen Sun-

In addition to some familiar and some new faces, the video is full of fast-paced action sequences and Andy Serkis, who portrays Luther’s adversary, provides the menacing narration. The film sequel, as shown in the teaser, appears to be a few steps up from the previous TV series, if you thought that it was already a gritty crime thriller. Watch this space for the latest update on trailer/s or promo clips for Luther: The Fallen Sun, as and when they become available.

Who Is the Cast Of Luther: The Fallen Sun?

Idris Elba, Cynthia Erivo, and Andy Serkis are among the main actors in Luther: The Fallen Sun, which also stars Jess Liaudin, Lauryn Ajufo, Dermot Crowley, Natasha Patel, Henry Hereford, and Ruth Wilson. Elba plays DCI John Luther, a bright top inspector who is falsely accused of killing someone and then flees. He plays the same role in the movie that he did in the television show.

Luther is so devoted to his profession that he becomes possessive and obsessed to the point of becoming aggressive. He frequently becomes consumed by the evil of the crimes and the criminals—a price he pays for becoming overly invested in his work.

The tweet connected for more information about The Fallen Sun-

David Robey, a computer billionaire and serial murderer who uses his own surveillance technology to snoop on individuals and kill them, is the antagonist of the plot and Luther’s enemy, and Serkis portrays him. Serkis discussed his character’s statement that “I don’t think I’ve come across anything quite as dark for a long time” in an interview.

Although David and Luther had previously met, so far Luther has been able to avoid punishment; nevertheless, this time around things may be different. While Crowley plays DSU Martin Shenk, Luther’s former supervisor, Erivo plays one of Luther’s associates. Ajufo plays Anya, Patel portrays Lydia Deng, Hereford plays Brian Lee, and Wilson plays Alice Morgan, a psychotic criminal, in other roles.

The persona of Alice is also borrowed from the series, where Luther fails to charge her with a crime and eventually shares a complicated relationship with her.

Luther: The Fallen Sun Is being Made By Who?

Jamie Payne is the director and Neil Cross is the writer of the movie. Cross, a British novelist, and screenwriter, also created the BBC series. Along with writing books like Always the Sun, Caught, and Luther: The Calling, he also developed the television programs Hard Sun and The Sisters. Also, he is renowned for having previously penned episodes of Doctor Who, The Fixer, and Spooks.

Luther The Fallen Sun
Luther The Fallen Sun

Earlier episodes of the show were directed by Payne, who is most recognized for his work on The Alienist, Outlander, and New Amsterdam, among other films. Elba and Cross both serve as producers for Luther: The Fallen Sun, which is helmed by Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, and David Ready.

Dan Finlay, Brendan Ferguson, Miki Emmerich, Kris Thykier, and  Priscilla Parish serve as executive producers. Tom Stern and Larry Smith are credited as the cinematographers for the film.

When And Where Was The Filming Of Luther: The Fallen Sun?

Luther: The Fallen Sun filming began in November 2021, Elba confirmed on social media. The movie was filmed in a number of cities, including London and Brussels.

What Is Luther: The Falling Sun’s History?

Idris Elba played DCI John Luther in the psychological crime thriller series, which also starred Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan. It debuted on BBC One in May 2010 and ran for five seasons until January 2019. The critically praised and popular series earned Elba a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film, among other nominations and awards.

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Netflix commissioned a movie sequel in 2021 as a continuation of the series, with Elba returning in the lead role. DCI John Luther was imprisoned at the end of the BBC series’ final season. Ironically, his unconventional but successful techniques for conducting research and pursuing justice are what ended up getting him arrested. The Netflix film picks up from where the series ended.

What Is Luther: The Falling Sun About?

The following is Luther: The Fallen Sun’s official synopsis, as provided by Netflix:

“In Luther: The Fallen Sun — an epic continuation of the award-winning television saga reimagined for the film — a gruesome serial killer is terrorizing London while brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther (Idris Elba) sits behind bars. Haunted by his failure to capture the cyber psychopath who now taunts him, Luther decides to break out of prison to finish the job by any means necessary.”


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