Lyft Driver Slain Gunshot In The Near West Side 

As Milton Pillacella-Ayora was waiting at a stop sign on Monday night to pick up a Lyft rider, a silver SUV drew up, according to authorities, and someone inside started firing.

In order to save money for a house, Milton Pillacella-Ayora, a young immigrant from Ecuador, worked as a driver for Lyft in Chicago.

According to Chicago police, on Monday night, was picking up a Lyft passenger while stopped at a red light on the Near West Side when a silver SUV drew up and someone inside started firing.

Lyft Driver Slain Gunshot In The Near West Side 
Lyft Driver Slain Gunshot In The Near West Side

After being transferred to Stroger Hospital, Pillacella-Ayora, 31, was declared dead. The 34-year-old passenger was wounded in the legs by gunfire and sent to the hospital in fair condition.

At about 9 p.m. between Roosevelt Road and Blue Island Avenue, Pillacella-SUV Ayora was shot at while four persons were inside, according to the police. Nobody was said to be in custody.

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According to Pillacella-stepmother, Ayora’s Rosanita Leon, 55, he was the oldest of four children and shared a home with his younger brother.

Leon remarked of him, “He was a nice and wonderful person who was very hardworking. He did not have a tendency to associate with undesirable individuals.”

Pillacella-Ayora, according to Leon, informed her he intended to purchase a home after years of saving.

He immigrated to our nation and put a lot of effort into realizing his aspirations, Leon added. You can never predict when your life will end.

An official from Lyft described the scenario as an “unspeakable tragedy” in a statement.

The statement added, “Our sympathies are with Mr. Pillacela Ayora’s loved ones and everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.” “We are endeavoring to get in touch with Mr. Pillacela Ayora’s family and the rider to express our support,” the statement said, “and stand ready to assist law enforcement with any inquiries.”

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