Magic: The Gathering Arena Is Released On Steam

Magic: The Gathering Arena will finally be available on Steam later this month, three years after its initial release, Wizards of the Coast announced at MagicCon. Magic fans now have a release date to look forward to on May 23; Wizards first revealed that the free-to-play game would be coming to Steam shortly in December of last year.

The Gathering Arena’s Steam Release

Magic: The Gathering Arena’s Steam release will still support crossplay with other platforms, even though information beyond the release date is scarce. That implies you can compete with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac users.

For those unfamiliar with MTG Arena, it is essentially a digital rendition of the physical game that supports both Limited and Constructed Deck play. Because it is free to play, certain optional in-game currency microtransactions are available.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

These can be used to enter yourself into certain tournaments or to buy booster packs to help you develop your decks. If you can’t get to any physical games, it’s a reasonably expected way to play Magic, and with the Steam release, many more people will have access to it. We have written the latest season about You, Season 4 Part 2: Why Does Love Return To The Series?

Of course, Wizards of the Coast also disclosed that their eagerly awaited Doctor Who Commander decks will debut later this year on October 13, so the release of Magic: The Gathering Arena on Steam wasn’t the only item announced at MagicCon today.

We have given a tweet about And for you planners, here are MTGEldraine‘s essential dates! You can see below:

Additionally, it was confirmed that we’d see these four Commander decks for the first time at MagicCon Barcelona on July 28. A full debut will follow over a week before launch on October 3.

In other Magic news, Wizards of the Coast ultimately unveiled the entirety of the March of the Machine: The Aftermath set in a large webcast earlier this week, following a significant leak, several controversies, and a visit from the Pinkertons. You also read the recent Bosch Legacy Season 3 Before Season 2 Premiere

Here is a comprehensive list of the set’s new story beats and cards. On May 11, the set will be made available on Magic Online and MTG Arena’s digital platforms, with the physical release following on May 12.

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