Marion Meade Cause Of Death: Is She Died From COVID-19?

Do You know What Was Marion Meade Cause Of Death? She was an American novelist and biographer who lived from January 7, 1934, to December 29, 2022, and was most well-known for her portraits of famous authors and filmmakers. Meade, who was raised in an academic setting and was the eldest of three children, was born in Pittsburgh. At the University of Pittsburgh, her father Surain Singh Sidhu, a Sikh immigrant from Amritsar, India, taught physics.

Meade mother Mary, a Hungarian-American housewife who also enjoyed growing orchids, was a homemaker. Meade’s interest in journalism first arose while she was a student at Bethel Township High School, where she also worked summers as the editor of the school newspaper.

Meade earned a degree in journalism from Northwestern University in 1955. The next year, she relocated to New York, graduated from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism with a master’s degree, and secured her first position in reporting as Earl Wilson’s assistant at the New York Post, a well-known Broadway columnist.

Before going freelance and writing for The New York Times, The Nation, The New Republic, and McCall’s, she first worked for periodicals in New York and Washington. Now here we are ready to read about Meade’s cause of death just in one move.

What Was Marion Meade Cause Of Death?

With her 1988 biography, Marion Meade helped rekindle interest in Dorothy Parker, the renowned author and sardonic wit of the Algonquin Round Table. Marion Meade passed away on December 29 at her Manhattan home. She was 88.

Marion Meade Cause Of Death
Marion Meade Cause Of Death

As per the NY Times, Ashley Sprague, a grandchild, confirmed her demise. She claimed that Ms. Meade had lately had COVID-19, but that the exact cause was yet unknown.

In “Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This?” Ms. Meade described a significant figure’s exciting but challenging life in the 1920s and 1930s literary scene.

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In addition to coining catchphrases like “You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think” and “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses,” Mrs. Parker joined Vanity Fair magazine as its drama critic at the age of 24. She was also a founding member of the round table at the Algonquin Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. She, author Robert Benchley, critic Alexander Woollcott, and others engaged in a witty commentary.

She overindulged in alcohol, battled depression, and got married twice (and got divorced once) to playwright Alan Campbell after a failed marriage to Edwin Parker II. She made two suicide attempts. According to Ms. Meade, Mrs. Parker “panicked and swallowed a bottle of shoe polish” in 1930 after she could not complete a novel she had promised to her editor at Viking, sending her to the hospital.

Mrs. Parker provided her own epitaph, “Excuse my dust,” before passing away in 1967.

When Ms. Meade decided to focus on a different figure, she had previously published a biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, who reigned as both the queen of England and France in the 12th century. She initially concentrated on the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, but she quickly discovered that a different author was composing a biography of the woman. In a later piece for Contemporary Authors, she focused on Mrs. Parker, describing her as “one of the funniest ladies of the 20th century, whose wit and good judgment never fail to entertain me.”

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