Martha Stewart Tattoo: Did She Really Have Tattoo Of Snoop Dogg?

Was Martha Stewart tattoo of her buddy Snoop Dogg actually real? Fans are wondering this after the 81-year-old lifestyle mogul purported to reveal fresh tattoos on the 51-year-old rapper, whose true name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., on Instagram on Friday.

“The Dogg! Thank you, @scottcampbell, for the fantastic tattoo “Stewart said and sent a picture of herself and well-known tattooist Scott Campbell. Always inked with my fave @snoopdogg, forever.”

Martha Stewart Tattoo: Did She Really Have Tattoo Of Snoop Dogg?

On her left shoulder, Stewart can be seen in the image sporting what looks to be a tattoo of Snoop Dogg’s face along with the words “My Dogg.” Campbell posted the identical image to Instagram with the caption: “I was able to ink a legend onto another legend. Many thanks to @snoopdogg and @marthastewart48. Now I can retire”

USA TODAY has contacted Stewart’s representatives for a response and more information. Even though they believe the tattoo is completely phony, many followers enjoyed Stewart’s tweet.

Even while I really wish it were, I have the feeling that this isn’t real at all. @nellierocketh wrote. “I could care less whether it’s false because I’m LIVING for it!” @cutezielutzie wrote back.

Fans also noted that the woman’s business partner Snoop Dogg has a Super Bowl commercial for Sketchers showing this weekend, thus the revelation of the claimed tattoo appears to have occurred at a perfect time.

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“Perhaps a preview for a Super Bowl ad?” @mj the rva yorkie wrote. @acuriousgeorge asked whether this was a new Super Bowl advertisement. Pete Davidson’s charm was among the items stars purchased at Martha Stewart’s tag sale.

A Tweet from RHTV confirming the Martha Stewart Tattoo of Snoop Dogg.

In June 2022, Stewart and Snoop Dogg discussed their connection on her podcast, “The Martha Podcast.” Snoop Dogg declared, “I always say we’re best friends. It’s a significant change. Stewart continued: “When you stand close to Snoop, he has this way of almost surrounding you. He is really magnificent.”

Did Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg Ever Date?

No, Martha Stewart and Snoop never had a romantic relationship. They’ve known each other for more than a decade, and even after all this time, they still enjoy being in each other’s presence.

When Martha invited the rapper to appear on her cookery show in 2008, this event marked the beginning of their friendship. It was impossible to deny the presence of chemistry between the two of them because they appeared to love being in each other’s company.

Did Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg Ever Date?
Did Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg Ever Date?

Snoop eventually became a regular on the show, and viewers enjoyed watching him interact with Martha. Since then, the two have had other opportunities to work together and have always praised the quality of their friendship.

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Final Lines: Martha Stewart Tattoo has surely fired up the rumors of her d@ting the rapper Snoop Dogg. Both Snoop and Martha have shared their opinions publicly regarding their relationship. Snoop Lion stated during an appearance on The Martha Stewart Podcast that he has told everyone that the two of them are great buddies.

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