Marysol Patton Net Worth…‘RHOM’ Star Once Sold Late Mother’s Jewelry

If you want to know Marysol Patton Net Worth, then you are on the right page…Marysol Patton had been divorced for ten years when she made her debut appearance on The Real Housewives of Miami. She was frequently joined by her famous clairvoyant mother.

Mama Elsa has since died away, and Marysol has remarried, but the star is back and better than ever. Fans have always been interested in Marysol’s net worth, particularly after selling her mother’s antique jewelry, although she owns the illustrious public relations agency The Patton Group.

What Is Marysol Patton Net Worth And Earnings?

Marysol Patton is a $15 million dollar reality television personality and business executive from the United States. Marysol Patton, one of the stars of Bravo’s popular reality series “The Real Housewives of Miami,” was born in Miami. Marysol Patton is not only a wealthy businesswoman but also the founder and CEO of the renowned PR agency The Patton Group.

Marysol Patton Net Worth
Marysol Patton Net Worth

The Patton Group has established a reputation for staging opulent events that frequently attract A-list celebrities. Marysol Patton has provided outstanding public relations services to some of Miami’s most prestigious and upscale restaurants, fashion houses, and businesses.

Marysol has the chance to keep her finger on the pulse of the Miami lifestyle thanks to her employment. Marysol has risen to the pinnacle of Miami’s social and leisure sectors as president of The Patton Group. Marysol has starred on “The Real Housewives of Miami” as well as the popular Bravo series “Millionaire Matchmaker,” where she recently joined Patti Stanger in an attempt to rekindle her love life. If you also want to know about Patton’s house then move to the next paragraph.

The most recent addition

Do You Know About Marysol’s house?

Marysol’s house was surprisingly quaint and adorable-looking, a very different kind of home than most of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have. Along with her husband Steve McNamara, she resides there.

Marysol Patton Net Worth
Marysol Patton Net Worth

The white-paneled house has a tiny swimming pool in the garden and a lamb ornament on a shelf inside. White and glass dominate the interior design, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

She has unmistakably acquired her parents’ love of antiques, which is evident in the ornaments and mirrored teapots she has collected only for the living room. A 1730 artwork of Marysol’s great great great great paternal grandmother is also in her possession.

The RHOM star also owns a Christian cross, a Charleston incense container, and a massive gong that is identical to the one she subsequently said she bought for $100 off the street. Of course, she also prioritizes her family, who are depicted in picture frames on the walls.

But don’t worry, Marysol still has a balcony with views of the water, so she hasn’t totally lost her Miami flair!

Final Lines

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