Matthew Lawrence Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actor In 2023?

Matthew Lawrence Net Worth will be told in this article along with other information about him. Matthew Lawrence’s acting career began when he was a youngster on the television shows “Sara” and “Dynasty.” He later made numerous comedy appearances, including those on “Gimme a Break!,” “Drexell’s Class,” “Walter & Emily,” “Brotherly Love,” and “Boy Meets World.”

Moreover, Lawrence has appeared in a number of movies, such as “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “The Hot Chick,” and “Trucker.” He portrayed a younger version of his older brother Joey Lawrence’s character in the sitcom “Blossom.” Lawrence. Also, between 2010 and 2015, he appeared as a guest star on his older brother’s popular ABC Family series “Melissa and Joey,” which ran for four seasons. So, what is Matthew Lawrence Net Worth? We will find out.

Matthew Lawrence Net Worth

Matthew Lawrence Net Worth is $2 Million in 2023. In Abington Township, Pennsylvania, on February 11, 1980, insurance agent Joseph and human resources manager Donna welcomed a son named Matthew Lawrence. Both of his brothers, Andrew, his younger brother, and Joey, his older brother, are performers.

Lawrence attended the autonomous Quaker school Abington Friends School while he was a child. Thereafter, he pursued acting studies at the HB Studio in New York City.

Matthew Lawrence Beginnings Of Career On Television

At the age of four, Lawrence appeared in three episodes of the primetime soap opera “Dynasty,” as Danny Carrington. In the sitcom “Sara,” which aired for only one season on NBC and starred Geena Davis, Alfre Woodard, and Bill Maher, he was given a larger role as Jesse Webber. Moreover, Lawrence made an appearance in an “ABC Afterschool Special” episode.

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Matthew Lawrence Additional Television Career

In the sixth and final season of the NBC comedy “Gimme a Break!” in 1986, Lawrence started playing a regular part. He performed the role of Matthew Donovan, Joey Donovan’s younger brother, who was portrayed by his real-life elder brother Joey.

Matthew Lawrence Additional Television Career
Matthew Lawrence Additional Television Career

Following this, Lawrence appeared in the 1988 real crime television movie “David,” in which he played David Rothenberg, a little boy whose father tried to burn and murder him. After this, he appeared in several more TV movies, including “Daddy,” “Wilfrid’s Special Christmas,” “Joshua’s Heart,” “The Summer My Father Grew Up,” and “The Summer My Father Grew Up.”

After that, Lawrence had an appearance on “Blossom,” a sitcom created by his older brother, from 1991 to 1994, as the younger Joseph Russo. During this period, Lawrence starred in two ephemeral sitcoms called “Walter & Emily” and “Drexell’s Class.”

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Matthew Lawrence Work In Film

In the 1987 John Hughes comedy “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,” Lawrence made his cinematic debut as Neal Page Jr., the son of Steve Martin’s persona. Later, he appeared in “Pulse,” a science fiction horror movie, and “Tales from the Darkside: The Movie,” a horror-comedy anthology.

One of Lawrence’s most recognizable parts was in the dramedy “Mrs. Doubtfire” in 1993, where he played one of the three siblings being raised by the eccentric title character. He had an appearance in the comedy “The Hairy Bird” later in the 1990s, and he also provided the voice for the title role in the family movie “Rusty: A Dog’s Story.”

Private Life Of Matthew Lawrence

Lawrence and actress Heidi Mueller were engaged from 2004 to 2006. He began d@ting dancer and model Cheryl Burke after calling off the engagement. After splitting up in 2008, the couple reconciled in 2017 and became engaged in 2018. In 2019, Lawrence and Burke were wed. A couple of years later, they started the divorce process.

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