How Much Is Meghan Markle Net Worth Before Harry?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are solely in charge of making their own money now that they are living separate lives from the royal family. Given their high degree of popularity, they don’t have much issue doing that, but Meghan Markle wasn’t always as wealthy as she is now.

Many are curious about Meghan’s pre-Harry fortune in the wake of the couple’s shocking Oprah Winfrey appearance. See Meghan Markle net worth below.

How Much Money Did Meghan Markle Have Before She Met Prince Harry?

Prior to her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle wasn’t particularly well-known abroad, but she also wasn’t plucked from complete obscurity. Prior to becoming a royal, Meghan worked regularly on the American show Suits. According to reports, Meghan received $50,000 for each episode of the series and had an annual salary of roughly $450,000. 

Meghan Markle Net Worth Before Harry
Meghan Markle Net Worth Before Harry

Meghan recorded more than 100 episodes of Suits during her tenure there, in addition to making cameos in a number of other films and TV shows. According to Forbes, Meghan’s estimated on-screen earnings when she married Harry was around $2 million. Meghan is still being paid for the series even though she quit participating in it as soon as her relationship with Harry became serious.

She receives royalties every time USA broadcasts reruns of the program, and she also receives payments from Amazon Prime and Netflix, where the program is streamed in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively.

As an influencer, Meghan earned some money as well. The Tig was the name of her lifestyle blog, which she maintained up to the time she made Harry’s relationship public. According to reports, Meghan earned around $80,000 per year from endorsements.

Meghan Is Now Making Money Outside The Royal Family

As Harry and Meghan explained in their Oprah interview, they are now in charge of generating income on their own. Harry revealed that the fund’s Harry’s mother left him were what ultimately made it possible for the pair to emigrate to the United States and start new lives.

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They are currently involved in a number of incredibly lucrative agreements that should provide them with financial security for years to come. Harry and Meghan revealed a three-year agreement with Spotify in December 2017 to use their Archewell Audio brand to create podcasts.

After audio is generated, the arrangement, which is reportedly worth between $15 and $18 million, may begin to bring in about $3.5 million for the couple. But, their arrangement with Spotify is not their main source of money.

Meghan Markle Net Worth Before Harry
Meghan Markle Net Worth Before Harry

A production firm that will produce “inspirational family content” that “informs but also gives hope” has also been founded by Meghan and Harry in collaboration with Netflix. The transaction, which is estimated to be worth between $100 and $240 million, will significantly increase the couple’s future income.

Meghan and Harry aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, thanks to the discoveries they’ve made about the royal family. Throughout the past year, they have made enormous headlines, and now they are coming up with innovative ways to support themselves.

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