MH370 The Plane That Disappeared: Netflix Documentary Along With The Many Explanations

On March 8, 2014, Malaysian Flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, but it never arrived. Instead, the MH370 disappeared into thin air and was never located. Even nine years after it vanished without a trace, no one knows what happened to it.

The possible outcomes of the plane’s demise and all the speculations surrounding MH370’s strange disappearance are now the subjects of a Netflix documentary. MH370: The Aircraft That Disappeared, a Netflix documentary, examines theories and information that were purportedly disregarded.

Where Did Airplane MH370 Go?

At 12:41 a.m. local time, a Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers took off from Kuala Lumpur. Three minutes later, it completely lost touch with the radar used by air traffic control. According to officials, either the pilot or the co-pilot turned off the plane’s transponder while it was over the South China Sea.

It was still being followed by military radar, and data showed that it abruptly changed direction, leaving its northeastern course and beginning to fly west towards the Malay peninsula. At 2:22 am, around 230 miles from Penang, the last vocal contact—which occurred at 1:19 am Malaysian Standard Time—disappeared. The biggest aviation mystery sparked a massive search effort that lasted years without producing definitive results.

MH370 The Plane That Disappeared
MH370 The Plane That Disappeared


The MH370 was never located despite intensive search efforts. There have been sporadic reports of pieces of MH370 washing up on the shore, but there has never been any solid proof of those reports. Both the plane’s black box and any dead corpses were not located. Experts were “unable to pinpoint the real cause for the disappearance,” according to the final panel report. Moreover, the crash site was never verified.

Where No One Looked, It Crashed?

In the Netflix series, Cyndi Hendry, a former employee of the satellite imagery company Tomnod, claims that Tomnod allocated her satellite imagery at random. She claims to have seen what she believes to be the MH370 debris kilometers away from the search area in the South China Sea. She rapidly compared the shapes to a Boeing 777’s structure.

Hendry informed Malaysia Airlines and others of her discovery, but they seemed unconcerned.

The satellite pictures showed no one. There was nothing but the ocean’s darkness. You click on “next” to see more black scans. a lot of blacks. Finally, something white appears,” she added.

MH370: The Aircraft That Disappeared’s Theories

Three episodes of the Netflix documentary address three different theories.

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The Rogue Russians

According to journalist Jeff Wise, who is reputed to be known for his contentious hypotheses, three Russian passengers who were sat next to an electrical hatch may have been able to create a distraction so they could enter the deck and take control of the aircraft. After that, they flew to Kazakhstan, an ex-Soviet nation. Fuad Sharuji, a former crisis manager for Malaysia Airlines, doesn’t think the notion has any merit.

Anyone who opens the hatch has the ability to turn off the transponder and the communications equipment, according to Sharuji. However, operating the aircraft from the avionics compartment is not possible.

The Flight Has Intercepted By Americans?

According to this idea, MH370 was caught by the Americans because it was carrying a significant amount of electronics. Some claim that MH370 was shot down when the US military was conducting training exercises in the South China Sea at the time.

According to French writer Florence de Changy, MH370 contained 2.5 tonnes of electrical equipment. It is well known that China was particularly anxious to obtain highly classified US surveillance, stealth, and drone technology, the spokesperson said. “This might be the key to understanding what happened to MH370.”

According to De Changy, America had two radar-blocking aircraft nearby at the exact moment that MH370 took off. She claims that is why the jet vanished off the radar. Shah was then told to make a landing, but he disregarded the order. “MH370 met its demise either through a missile strike or a midair collision,” said De Changy.

Did Zaharie Ahmad Shah, The MH370 Pilot, Cause An Accident?

According to the argument, Shah intentionally crashed the aircraft into the Indian Ocean in order to execute a double homicide. The evidence uncovered in Shah’s residence gave the theory credence. Data from a flight simulator at Shah’s house that was used to fly a similar deviated course a month before the incident was found by researchers. The flight path into the Southern Ocean and simulated landing on an island with a short runway were displayed in the simulator.

MH370 The Plane That Disappeared
MH370 The Plane That Disappeared


Some claim that Shah had been acting “strangely” prior to the flight. According to sources, he was unhappy, which some attribute to rumors that his wife and three children had left his home the day before the abduction.

According to the proposed timetable by journalist Wise, Shah broke up contact with air traffic control before starting communication with Vietnam. After coaxing his co-pilot to leave the cockpit, he locks the door, turns off the electronics, and the jet vanishes from the radar. Then he starts to depressurize the cabin. As he waits for his fuel to run out, the pilot moves the aircraft to the south and flies straight into the night, according to Wise. “The engines shut off after six hours of flight, he pushes the nose down, and he begins to slide into a dive.”

Unfortunately, there was no proof to support Shah’s guilt in the final report.

“More than anything, we want to pull the hidden truths about MH370 out from under the carpet where they have been swept, and remind people that this is still a story with no ending, a mystery that hasn’t been solved, and that someone out there knows more than the world has been told,” says Harry Hewland, the producer of the Netflix documentary on MH370.

Then there were events like meteor strikes, black holes, and even alien abductions, but they all died out far too quickly

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