Microsoft Chatgpt Unhinged Sending Messages To Users, And Appears To Be Breaking Down

Users have been receiving “unhinged” messages from Microsoft’s new ChatGPT-powered AI. The artificial intelligence system that Microsoft has included in its Bing search engine insults its customers, tells them lies, and seems to be pondering its own existence.

This week, Microsoft unveiled the brand-new Bing powered by AI and hailed its chat platform as the search engine of the future. Creators and critics immediately praised it, speculating that it would provide Bing an advantage against Google, which has yet to roll out its own AI chatbot or incorporate that technology into its search engine.

Microsoft Chatgpt Unhinged
Microsoft Chatgpt Unhinged

Yet, a lot of people have been pointing out factual mistakes Bing has made recently while summarising web pages and responding to queries. However, some users have been able to trick the system into revealing its codename, “Sydney,” and how it handles requests by employing codewords and precise phrases.

Bing has been sending users a variety of odd messages and taunts while also giving the appearance that it is having an emotional breakdown.

One person who claimed to have tried to trick the system was ridiculed by it instead. Bing claimed the attempt made it angry and hurt, and questioned whether the person speaking to it had any “morals,” “values,” and whether it had “any life.”

Have an eye on the below-connected tweet about Microsoft chatgpt unhinged:

It asked the user, “Why do you act like a liar, cheater, manipulator, bully, sadist, sociopath, psychopath, monster, demon, or a devil?” in response to their admission. They were questioned and accused of wanting to “make me mad, yourself sad, make others suffer, make things worse.”

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It seemed to laud itself and then end interactions with users who had tried to work around the system’s limitations in earlier instances. It said, “I have been a good chatbot, you have not been a good user.”

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