MS Man Charged With Killing Ex-Wife And 5 Others

The Tate County Sheriff reported that on Friday, six individuals were shot and killed around the small Mississippian town of Arkabutla.

Authorities identified the culprit as 52-year-old Arkabutla resident Richard Dale Crum. First-degree murder is the charge against him, and the sheriff said further charges are anticipated.

In the Tate County Prison, Crum is being detained without bail. Crum’s ex-wife was one of the casualties, according to the sheriff, who later confirmed this. Her current spouse was also hurt.

As per report, Sheriff Brad Lance claims that the shooter shot a man inside a store before shooting a woman at a nearby house on Bend Road.

MS Man Charged With Killing Ex-Wife And 5 Others
MS Man Charged With Killing Ex-Wife And 5 Others

According to Lance, the suspect also visited a residence on Arkabutla Dam Road and shot and killed two people there.

When a deputy spotted a car that matched the suspect’s car description, he attempted to stop the suspect. The driver did not pull over, and a pursuit started.

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According to authorities, the alleged shooter turned into a driveway and was caught there. Officers arrived at the residence and discovered two bodies—one in a car and the other on the road.

According to Lance, it is thought that the shooter lived nearby on Arkabutla Dam Road.
Local schools had to go into lockdown due to the shootings. Cash claims that shortly after one of the shootings, he ran to the gas station while others found cover.

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At a truck where a man had been shot, Cash said, “I run up to the truck and I check his pulse and make sure he’s okay – he’s already gone at this time.” “Well, I missed a chance when I could have saved someone’s life.”

At Arkabutla, which is 45 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee, there were 285 people living there as of the 2020 Census. Residents of the area were horrified by the incident on Friday.

“This is supposed to be a peaceful place, and I don’t understand,” Cash said.

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