Breaking: Murdaugh’s Defense Team Vows to Appeal After Life Sentence

Alex Murdaugh’s defense team said on Friday 3 march 2023,  that the disgraced ex-life lawyer’s sentence for killing his wife and son in June 2021 will be challenged.

At a press conference after Murdaugh’s sentencing, defense attorney Jim Griffin said that his team plans to file a notice of appeal in the next 10 days, saying that Judge Clifton Newman made a mistake by letting the jury see evidence of their client’s supposed financial crimes.

The following statements are given as per the report-

“It was about character. It wasn’t about motive,” defense attorney Dick Harpootlian said about the financial crimes, before noting that prosecutors “won this case the day the judge brought” the separate alleged crimes into the case.

Griffin added that while their team stands behind Murdaugh’s decision to testify, they are disappointed that the Colleton County jurors could not “ignore the noise” of the media frenzy around their client and focus on the case.

“Alex was not optimistic with all the scrutiny and the press and all of his bad acts being out there in the public” for a fair trial. Harpootlian agreed, saying that their team did not ask to try the case in another South Carolina county because “there was nowhere we could go.”

Here is you tube video of Murdaugh’s Defense Team Vows to Appeal After Life Sentence-

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