Appalled News: Near A Gun Buyback Ceremony At Los Angeles Beach, 5 People Were Shot

According to the Los Angeles Police Department and City Councilman Tim McOsker, five individuals were hurt in a gunshot on a Los Angeles beach on Saturday, a few miles from the location of a gun buyback ceremony organized by municipal authorities earlier in the day.

Around 5:45 on 4 March 2023 Saturday night, the Harbor Division of the LAPD responded to a radio transmission reporting a shooting near Royal Palms Beach.

Here is a tweet shared by Kayla Bolderstone about a gun buyback event:

Five male Hispanic victims were among a group of 10 to 20 individuals who were having a beach barbecue, according to a statement released by the Los Angeles Police Department on Sunday.

Two suspects approached the crowd and started fighting physically. After that, the suspects “produced a revolver and fired numerous bullets, striking the victims,” according to the police. “The suspects then escaped the scene in a car.”

 Near A Gun Buyback Ceremony At Los Angeles Beach
Near A Gun Buyback Ceremony At Los Angeles Beach

Firearms were used to strike five individuals. According to the most recent information, one victim is stable, two victims are in critical condition, and two victims are in serious condition.

Prior to this, authorities said that four victims were in stable condition and one victim was in serious condition.

McOsker and Janice Hahn, the head of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, released a joint statement saying they were “outraged and horrified” by the shooting at Royal Palms Beach in San Pedro, which left 5 people hurt.

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It’s painfully ironic that we held a gun buyback event today only a few miles from where you are. Our community is suffering as a result of gun violence.

As city officials work on strategies “to maintain safety and pleasant community use,” Royal Palms Beach will be shuttered on Sundays and close early on the weekends.

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