Here Are 16 Amazing Negative Space Tattoos!

The white space surrounding and separating an image’s subject(s) is known as negative space in art. When the area around a subject, rather than the subject itself, takes on an intriguing or aesthetically significant shape, negative space may be most noticeable. On occasion, this space is employed to great creative effect as the “real” subject of an image.

Negative Space Tattoos

Negative space tattoos are nothing new, but occasionally their brilliance is overlooked. Negative space can be mistaken for a regular delineated component of the ink since these kinds of designs can occasionally be very subtle. However, this type of tattoo differs from others in that the pattern is created by contouring an area of skin with dark colors rather than by painting an outline to form a shape. To put it another way, your skin creates the image rather than ink.

Because the tattoo artist must essentially ink a reverse image, these designs are unusual. Similar to making a stamp, the artist uses ink to carve away the areas of the design that don’t touch the skin and highlights the main components by leaving them blank.

While not all negative space tattoos are done in all black, it’s most common, considering blackwork will create the most contrast and, in turn, create a crisp tattoo design.

Negative Space Tattoos
Negative Space Tattoos

Animal Negative Space Tattoo

Tattoos using negative space create a universe of unending possibilities. If you’re a big fan of animals, a great design tip is to cut out the shape of the animal and use the empty space to add details, like these outlined florals.

Outside the Lines Negative Space Tattoo

Negative space designs don’t necessarily need to fit into a specific shape just because they use a lot of blacks. By letting the flowers linger over the edge of the background, this tattoo serves as an excellent illustration of sketching outside the line. Continue reading Damar Hamlin Neck Tattoo: Has He Removed His Tattoo?

Thin-Lined Negative Space Tattoo

Try employing little quantities of negative space in contrast to a solid black background if you truly want to make a big visual impact with your ink. The tattoo feels crisp and complex due to how it pops because thin “lines” of skin were used.

Cloud And Moon Negative Space Tattoo

It’s not necessary to love blackwork tattoos to get a negative space tattoo; there are several original designs that don’t need a lot of black ink. For instance, this tattoo uses blackwork to define the contour of the pattern but not for impact.

Rose Negative Space Tattoo

Negative space tattoos are a design element all their own, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the ink has to be kept plain. Try the more-is-more strategy instead: You can include as many components as you like, such as animal details or colored roses. Related information All Jayson Tatum Back Tattoos Revealed!

Geometric Negative Space Tattoo

Since negative space tattoos must have their shapes defined in some way, using a variety of geometric patterns makes the tattoo feel balanced. The shapes in this ink also aid in indicating the start and finish points of each part.

Negative Space Tattoos
Negative Space Tattoos

Photorealistic Negative Space Tattoo

If you desire photorealistic designs, utilizing negative space allows your artist to concentrate a lot of time on the details. Here, the artist added shading after the black background had first carved out the shape of the astronaut.

Graphic Art Negative Space Tattoo


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The fact that negative space tattoos stand out makes them a natural fit for graphic art. If you’re a great fan of graphic art, consider getting a tattoo of one of your favorite panels done in this design as a tribute.

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