Neil Diamond Illness: What Kind Of Sickness He Suffering From?

Neil Diamond, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2018, has discussed what it’s like to live with the condition in recent interviews.

The singer-songwriter who is responsible for hits such as “Sweet Caroline” and “Cracklin’ Rosie” discussed putting his life on display “warts and all” for the Broadway musical A Beautiful Noise in a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning. He also discussed his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in 2018 and how he has adjusted to life and performance with the condition. A Beautiful Noise is currently running on Broadway.

Diamond admitted that he is still in the process of accepting the effects of the disease. “I’m still doing it. And I don’t like it,” he explained. “OK, so this is the hand that God’s given me, and I have to make the best of it, and so I am.”

Neil Diamond Illness

The singer-songwriter claims that during the first two years after his diagnosis, he was “in denial” and “just not ready to accept it” when the physician revealed his ailment. This was after the doctor had told him he had the condition. “I answered, ‘Oh, OK. I’ll be here whenever you want to see me, you know. I won’t keep you waiting. However, I need to finish some work, so I’ll see you later.’

He admitted that despite receiving his diagnosis more than ten years ago, he has only recently started accepting it “in the last few weeks.” You can even go for Monica Calhoun’s Illness: Is She Afflicted With Cancer?

“I can’t fight this thing, so I’ve had to accept this Parkinson’s disease,” she said. “It’s just something I have to live with.” There is no way to treat it. There is no escaping the reality of the situation. You can’t just shrug your shoulders and say, “OK, enough already.” Let’s stop talking and start living.’ It doesn’t operate like that,” he added. “But I’ve come to accept my limitations, and even so, I still have great days.”

The musician remarked that since he came to terms with his illness, “a calm has moved [into] the hurricane of my life, and things have gotten very quiet, as quiet as this recording studio.” According to what he has said, he enjoys it on various fronts. He said, “I’ve realized that I like myself better.” “Not only am I easier on other people, but I am also easier on myself. And the beat goes on and will go on for a very long time after I am gone. We have many celebrity information regarding illness; one is about Jordan Hawkins’s Illness: What Happened To Him?

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He then went on to crow about the fact that he can still sing and how, although he was forced to give up regular touring, he still hasn’t “given up, yet” on his dream of becoming a singer.

“I just have to take life as it comes to me, enjoy it, and be thankful that I’ve had it, especially having the life that I’ve had,” he added. “I’ve been very fortunate to have had the life that I’ve had.”

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