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Based on Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name, Shawn Ryan developed the American action-thriller television series The Night Agent. On March 23, 2023, it made its Netflix debut with Gabriel Basso playing the title character.

In its first four days on Netflix, the series became the third-most watched new series, and a week later, a second season was ordered. It quickly rose to sixth place among all series on the streaming service.

Night Action Cast

A number of well-known actresses appear in the new series, including Hong Chau, who most recently received an Oscar nomination for her performance as the Chief of Staff to the President.

Fans of Yellowjackets may recognize the actress who plays Shauna’s daughter Callie in the Showtime series as one of the key protagonists in The Night Agent. D.B. Woodside, a former cast member of Lucifer, also stars as a Secret Service agent. Must check The Newest Cast.

Gabriel Basso As Peter Sutherland

The Night Agent’s Peter Sutherland is portrayed by Gabriel Basso, who previously starred in Hillbilly Elegy, The Big C, Super 8, and Kings of Summer.

“Waiting for the phone to ring might’ve been a little boring for promising young FBI agent Peter, but once it does, he’s tasked with protecting a terrified civilian while they unravel a conspiracy that reaches all the way to the Oval Office,” his Netflix bio reads.

Night Action Cast
Night Action Cast

Luciane Buchanan As Rose Larkin

Rose Larkin, a young computer entrepreneur who nearly escapes when assassins try to kill her aunt and uncle, is portrayed by Luciane Buchanan.

According to her bio, “Rose discovers some dark truths about her family as she and her newfound protector Peter are forced to run for their lives after calling a mysterious phone number at her aunt and uncle’s urging.”

Along with Billy and Filthy Rich, Buchanan has appeared in The New Legends of Monkey and Sweet Tooth on Netflix.

Hong Chau As Diane Farr

White House Chief of Staff for the US President Diane Farr is portrayed by Hong Chau.

“Diane takes Peter under her wing as he investigates what happened to Rose’s aunt and uncle — and figures out who he can trust,” according to Netflix.

The Whale actress Chau most recently received an Oscar nod for her work there. She also had roles in Watchmen, Downsizing, and The Menu.

Fola Evans-Akingbola

Chelsea Arrington, a dedicated Secret Service agent, is in charge of the vice president’s daughter’s detail and is making an effort to stand out in a male-dominated industry. Peter may be the fearless FBI agent of The Night Agent, but according to showrunner Ryan, characters like Chelsea and her assistant Maddie Redfield (Sarah Desjardins) are also the “heroes” of this tale. He states, “I usually enjoy stories about teamwork.

The British actor Evans-Akingbola has made appearances in two episodes of Game of Thrones, the “Striking Vipers” episode of Black Mirror, and three seasons of the mermaid drama Siren as a marine biologist. You may also consider The Big Door Prize Cast.

Erik Monks: D.B. Woodside

A Secret Service agent named Erik Monks is portrayed by D.B. Woodside. He “returns to his beloved job after a long hiatus, and hopes to earn back the trust and respect of his superiors.”

Best known for his role as Chief of Staff Wayne Palmer in the television series 24, Monks has also been in Lucifer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Suits, and Parenthood.

Night Action Cast
Night Action Cast

Ellen: Eve Harlow

Ellen is a risky killer with erratic impulses, and her deeds have a price.

In addition to comic book series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Titans, Harlow has been on science fiction shows like Star Trek: Discovery, The 100, and Next.

Dale: Phoenix Raei

Dale is Ellen’s partner in both violence and love, and he is a professional murderer.

Come together, Netflix family: the Persian-Australian actor Raei may be seen in the dramas Clickbait and Stateless.

Maddie Redfield: Sarah Desjardins

The vice president’s daughter is a college student who wants to get out from under the shadow of her prominent father.

Catch Desjardins in Yellowjackets as Shauna’s daughter Callie, as the sinister Donna Sweett in Riverdale, and as the brilliant Jenna in Impulse. The teen spy drama Project Mc2 on Netflix featured her as well.

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