Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend: Did Micah And Paul Date After The Wedding?

In the fourth season of Love Is Blind, Paul Peden chose to decline the proposal, leaving Micah Lussier and their romance behind. At least, that’s how it *appeared* to happen. Paul left their wedding venue after Micah’s “I don’t,” and he was followed by Paul. He claimed to still be in love with her at the time, and although she refused to speak to him at the time, the couple ultimately reconnected. So, how is Paul’s love life right now? He provides an exclusive update to Elite Daily.

Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend

In The Pods during Love Is Blind season 4, Micah and Paul fell in love and got married. Micah replied to claims of a love triangle involving her, Paul, and Kwame, another Love Is Blind season 4 candidate, whom she had rejected in The Pods before becoming engaged to Paul, in a March 2023 interview with People. You may also consider Bam Margera’s Wife.

“I personally know that when I chose Paul in the pods, I did not waver on that. I never had an interest in Kwame going forward,” she said. “I think the way that I interact with people could come off as flirty, which I totally understand, but in reality, that’s how I am, that’s how I act. I want to stay genuine to who I am. I’m not going to put on a show and be stiff, I was myself.” She continued, “The only regret I would have is causing anyone else pain or causing their relationship issues. That’s something that I would regret and hope that it didn’t cause any issues.”

Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend
Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend

Did Micah And Paul Date After The Wedding?

With Paul joking that they haven’t been in a relationship for a year at this time, the couple admitted during the reunion that they did attempt to date for a short while after the wedding. Paul added that Micah had to return to Arizona while he was still in Seattle, so their relationship ended rather shortly after he made a brief visit to her there. He also said that the d@ting phase was relatively brief. Continue reading on Who Is Lizzo D@ting?

What Happened At The Reunion?

During the presentation, Paul and Micah talked about the choices they made at the altar. Micah also gave Paul the chance to respond first. She said that she didn’t want to wonder whether he merely said yes because she did first for the rest of eternity.

When asked if he would have said yes if she had said yes first, Paul replied that his automatic reaction is to say no, but he isn’t absolutely positive about what he would have done. The two also talked about Paul’s statement that he couldn’t picture Micah as a mother in his post-marriage confessional. Micah was obviously offended by the remark and made it clear that she was taken by surprise when she first heard it at last Friday’s finale presentation.

She continued, “I’ve talked about how important having a family was to me since the pods, and after being an only child, I wanted a large family.”

Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend
Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend

In his defense, Paul acknowledged that he had phrased the remark “really unfairly towards her,” but he went on to say that he actually felt unable to envision the two of them as parents, as well as his own role as a father and her nurturing nature.

“I think it’s very likely that the reason I wasn’t able to see that in her was because I wasn’t encouraging that in her,” he continued. She didn’t feel at ease displaying that aspect of herself.

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