What Happened To The “Pleasant Hill Bank Robbery”?

The Santa Claus Bank Robbery took place on December 23, 1927, in Cisco, a town in Central Texas. The First National Bank in Cisco was robbed by Marshall Ratliff, who was dressed as Santa Claus, together with ex-cons Henry Helms and Robert Hill and Louis Davis, a relative of Helms.

The robbery is one of Texas’ most notorious crimes and resulted in the state’s biggest manhunt in history. This was “the most spectacular crime in the history of the Southwest,” according to eyewitness Boyce House, surpassing any in which Billy the Kid or the James boys had ever been involved.

“Pleasant Hill Bank Robbery”

In Missouri, a 78-year-old lady is charged with robbing a bank on 5 April 2023 Wednesday, and this is not her first offense.

Bonnie Gooch is charged with robbing the Pleasant Hill branch of the Goppert National Bank. She was detained by authorities in Lee’s Summit three years ago at the age of 75 after a different bank was looted.

"Pleasant Hill Bank Robbery"
“Pleasant Hill Bank Robbery”

Gooch was charged with theft in the robbery of 2020 and found guilty; however, her sentence was postponed and she was sentenced to supervised probation, which concluded in November 2021.

In addition, 46 years have passed since the previous Gooch conviction before the most recent accusation. She was found guilty of bank robbery in California in 1977, according to the criminal complaint from 2020.

At Guido’s Pizza Restaurant, just a few hundred yards from Goppert Bank, an arrest was made on Wednesday.

Justin Lewis, the manager of Guido, remarked, “Then I saw two police cars pull up to the bank.” “The girl was getting out as I was driving into work. And I thought, “What the hell? An elderly woman?

It was obviously a tense scenario, according to Thomas Wright, the police chief of Pleasant Hill. Yet, it is somewhat alarming when the hands of an elderly woman who is driving the suspect vehicle emerge from the vehicle.

According to court records, after the 75-year-old Woman robbed the Bank of the West in Lee’s Summit, her son called the police and said that his mother was “off her rocker” and had just left the house angry and threatening to rob a bank.

Employees were handed a message during the bank robbery on Wednesday, police reported Nexstar’s WDAF.

Wow, she’s pretty cunning, Wright remarked. She was wearing a mask similar to the N95. plastic gloves and sunglasses.

Maggie Kornis, 89, stopped by the scene of the arrest when she was transporting her dog to a nearby veterinary clinic. She claimed that she couldn’t relate to a “senior crime” lifestyle.

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She claimed, “I wouldn’t have the energy to do it myself. I’ll tell you right now, at 78, you can’t run very quickly.

“I mean, it doesn’t seem or sound believable,” Guido’s Lewis said. “My first reaction was like, ‘Of course in Pleasant Hill.’”

“Well, maybe she was desperate,” Kornis said. “You know sometimes we don’t save enough money.”

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In order to better understand Gooch’s general health and financial status, Wright stated that detectives intend to do so as the matter progresses through the legal system.

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