Police Hampered Tyre Nichols Care According To A Fired Memphis EMT

The Tennessee Emergency Medical Services Board heard testimony from Memphis Fire EMT Robert Long on Friday, who claimed that Memphis Police officers were “impeding patient care” on January 7 when he and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician JaMichael Sandridge discovered Tyre Nichols lying on the ground and leaning against a police car.

Long claimed that MPD was obstructing patient care by crouching over the patient and shouting that they would not be releasing his handcuffs.

According to Long, nobody advised him not to treat the patient.

In addition, he stated in court that he thought Nichols didn’t want to be treated, contending that while he did not expressly tell them not to treat him, he did roll away when he or Sandridge tried to take his vital signs.

Police Hampered Tyre Nichols Care
Police Hampered Tyre Nichols Care

According to the information I had, I performed a visual examination of the patient, and there was nothing that suggested to me that he was in severe condition, Long said. Even though I asked the patient for information, she remained silent.

The patient had a “bump on his head, a busted lip, and a dried bloody nose,” Long recalled, but the fact that Nichols was moving around “told me he had a decent pulse and blood pressure were good.” Additionally, he reasoned that Nichols’ airway wasn’t blocked because he was speaking.

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He testified that the “attack on an officer” that had caused the fire unit to be called out. When Long arrived on the scene, he claims an MPD officer informed him that although his partner had pepper sprayed him, they had someone in custody who might require their assistance.

According to Long, Nichols’ condition started to deteriorate around fifteen minutes after he got on the scene.

Despite Nichols exhibiting “obvious indicators of distress,” Long and Sandridge “failed to give any basic or limited advanced abilities in emergency care,” according to documents from a summary suspension conference on February 3.

Neither man has been accused of a crime. Long is being represented by attorney Darrell O’Neal, who refuses to make any further comments.

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John Holloway, a former Memphis EMT, was invited by O’Neal to testify as an expert witness regarding Long’s response. He pointed out that Long was the lowest-ranking EMT there and might have been charged with violence and assault.

EMT Long “did everything that he knew he could do,” according to Holloway.

Long testified that he returned to his EMS position with Memphis Fire in December after spending the previous year on a combat deployment for the US Army. His first day back on the job was the day Tyre Nichols was fatally beaten.

The board gathered to go over Long’s license suspensions in further detail. They decided to uphold the summary suspension. According to O’Neal, Long will have a thorough hearing before the board at a later, unspecified time.

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