Police Officer Killed In Germantown

Germantown, Tennessee The passing of a fellow police officer has been confirmed by the Germantown Police Department.

After serving for nine years in the US Army, Michael Evans, a Germantown Senior Patrol Officer, joined the police force in 2014.

Police Officer Killed In Germantown
Police Officer Killed In Germantown

He served two tours of service in Iraq when he was in the army.

The tweet gives more information about the death of a police officer:

The Germantown Police Department released a statement on Saturday that said,

“He was a devoted, sensitive, and fearless officer who was highly regarded by every member of the department.” “Please remember the family of Officer and the Germantown Police Department in your prayers.”

Memphis police still looking for correct information about these murders:

The official information on this occurrence is available on Action News 5. Finding out what really happened. Also, share this on your social sites and visit us on Trending News

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