Record Snowfall In Portions Of The US

Reuters, February 21, Chicago – Tuesday’s winter storm that is moving from the American West into the Northern Plains and Midwest could deliver record snowfall, blizzards, and bitter cold, making travel difficult and delaying air travel.

Large portions of the western and north-central United States were under winter storm, blizzard, and high-wind warnings from the National Weather Service. From Tuesday through Thursday, some areas might experience winds of up to 60 miles per hour and snowfall of up to two feet (61 cm).

According to the weather service’s forecast, travel will be hazardous and possibly impossible in some areas of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest due to the two inches of snow falling per hour and high winds.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation said in a tweet that “snowplow workers will be out working around the state, but this storm could be nasty.”

Record Snowfall In Portions Of The US
Record Snowfall In Portions Of The US

While much of the country may have cold, snowy weather this week, the South may experience record-breaking high temperatures.
The forecast indicated that temperatures in some areas could be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit higher than in the Northern Plains. According to the NWS, Orlando might set a record high temperature of 90 degrees (32 C), while Billings, Montana, could have a low of -16 degrees (-27 C).

The slow-moving storm, which brought heavy rain and snow to the Sierra Nevada mountains, began over the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend. Tuesday saw its center over the northern Rockies and the High Plains, including Montana and the Dakotas.

With “some of the largest consequences in Minnesota and Wisconsin,” according to Frank Pereira, a forecaster at the NWS Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland, the storm will hit the Upper Midwest beginning on Wednesday.

The storm will deliver New England significant amounts of snow and freezing rain from late on Wednesday into Thursday. According to Pereira, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine might receive a foot or more of snow.

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Moreover, California could receive snowfall from the lingering storm. This week, according to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain, nearly all of the 39 million citizens of the state will either experience snowfall or be able to see the tops of adjacent mountains covered with snow.

While the peak wind speed at San Francisco International Airport reached 68 mph (109 kph) on Tuesday afternoon, strong winds knocked out power to more than 163,000 California homes and businesses, mostly in the counties just south of San Francisco, according to the weather service.

The Los Angeles County mountains, Ventura County mountains, and Santa Barbara County inner mountains were all under blizzard warnings from early Friday through late Saturday night in California, according to the NWS. The organization urged people against traveling and stated that these locations will also be under a winter storm warning until Friday.

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Authorities in Minneapolis advised citizens to take their cars off the streets in preparation for blizzard-like conditions on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the state’s Department of Natural Resources, the city of 425,000 people might receive up to 20 inches of snow, which would be the highest for a February snowstorm and one of the top five biggest snowfalls ever in a city known for its harsh winters in the Midwest.

On Tuesday, the weather in Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota was rapidly deteriorating. Whiteout conditions were present in Great Falls, Montana, according to the NWS, which reported snow bands and severe gusts of wind.

Forecasters warned that the storm’s wind chill levels of -25 Fahrenheit might result in frostbite on exposed flesh in as little as 30 minutes.

According to experts, the increasing frequency and power of these storms, interspersed with periods of high heat and dryness, are signs of climate change.

Over the next few days, Minnesota, Nebraska, and the Dakotas transportation officials advise drivers to travel cautiously or avoid the roads completely.

In Denver, Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City, Utah, there were more than 480 flights that were either delayed or canceled. By Tuesday afternoon, more than 1,300 flights were either delayed or canceled in the United States, according to

Skiers hailed the snowstorm even if it could cause disruption in daily life.

Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Mountain Resort tweeted, “KaBoom!” “Delays are likely due to strong winds and heavy snow as we are in the midst of a severe storm. We appreciate your tolerance as we create a paradise for you.

Locals in Florida got ready for a new kind of entertainment.

“Every February, we consistently reach the 80s, but once we reach the 85 to 90 area,  that is much above normal,” said NWS meteorologist Jason Hess in Jacksonville. “It’s the early beach season for us down here.”

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