Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery: What Did She Say About It?

You are at the right place if you want the details regarding Renee Zellweger’s Plastic Surgery. Texas is where Renee Kathleen Zellweger was born in 1969. When she was 23 years old, in 1992, she started her acting career by playing the lead in short films.

Even while the critics praised the actress’ performances, it wasn’t until she played Jerry Maguire that she really broke through. Together with Tom Cruise, Zellweger had an equally excellent performance that helped make the movie a classic.

However, it wasn’t until Renée’s performance in Bridget Jones’s Diary that she solidified her status as the ultimate rom-com icon.

In the end, she was successful in winning a Golden Globe for Nurse Betty, which was released in 2000. Continue reading for all the details regarding Renee Zellweger’s Plastic Surgery.

Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery

Zellweger’s gorgeous hooded eyes were a birth defect. Consequently, she has no wrinkles on her upper eyelids. After she appeared at the awards ceremony, everyone assumed she had blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

Some people assumed that the Chicago star had a brow lift since her brow ends appeared to be higher than they were before.

For a while, many compared Zellweger’s cheeks to those of a chipmunk. Instead of “blaming” her genetics this time, they cried for plastic surgery (despite though fillers aren’t even plastic surgery). Some even alleged that she had cheek implants or fat grafting.

By blocking the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract, Botox works to relax them. According to reports, the Golden Globe winner had Botox injected into her forehead to smooth out wrinkles.

Here is a tweet featuring Renee from Chicago Movie.

What Did Renee Zellweger Say In Response To Plastic Surgery Rumors?

In a statement to People’s magazine, the actress claimed—as was previously reported—that the lifestyle changes she had made had changed the way her face appeared.

She had grown. But in 2016, she did address the bullying in an open letter titled “We Can Do Better.”

She made it clear in it, “Not that it’s anyone’s business, but I did not decide to change my face and undergo surgery on my eyes.

She went on to criticize gendered standards, saying, “It’s no secret that a woman has historically been valued more or less according to how she looks.

What Caused Renee Zellweger’s Facial Appearance To Change?

Because no one had ever seen Renee Zellweger in good shape, she confessed that her appearance had changed over time. She consequently started to alter when she was on leave and away from the spotlight. But from the perspective of the general public, she was still Bridget. As a result, many people were shocked to see her face.

Her eyes seemed different, which can be due to skin alterations brought on by aging. Keep in mind that Renee has hooded eyes by nature.

What Caused Renee Zellweger's Facial Appearance To Change?
What Caused Renee Zellweger’s Facial Appearance To Change?

Her eyebrows don’t appear to have changed much from the way they did previously. The actress might have just been playing with different brow forms, or it could have been her makeup.

Final Lines: Renee Zellweger endured a lot over the years because of a rumored plastic surgery. She appeared different and older after a four-year gap, which many people found puzzling. In the end, plastic surgery had to shoulder the responsibility.

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