Sally Field Pays Tribute to “Sweet” Robin Williams At The 2023 SAG Awards: He Ought To Be Getting Older Like Me

As the 30th anniversary of the 1993 comedy “Mrs. Doubtfire” approaches later this year, Sally Field remembers working with Robin Williams on it.

Field attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday to accept the group’s lifetime achievement honor. The actor was questioned about working on “Mrs. Doubtfire” with renowned comic Williams, who committed suicide in 2014 at the age of 63, by Entertainment Weekly and People when he was on the red carpet.

Williams portrayed a divorcee in the film who seeks to spend time with his kids by posing as his ex-cleaner. wife’s (Field).

Robin Williams At The 2023 SAG Awards
Robin Williams At The 2023 SAG Awards

“What you think about immediately is Robin,” Field stated when asked what she remembers about working on the film. “Every single second of it is infused with my love and excitement at being in his company. Robin was who he was. He was exactly what he appeared to be.”

The actor, who is 76, continued: “A man of great generosity, love, sweetness, and brilliance. All of us miss him. For the love of God, he ought to be aging like me. I detest that he is absent.”

Director of “Mrs. Doubtfire,” Chris Columbus, revealed to SF Gate in 2021 that he had considered a prequel to the popular film right before Williams’ demise.

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The filmmaker remarked that Robin was unique. “Before he died away, Robin and I spoke one final time about the “Mrs. Doubtfire” prequel. We had a fantastic script, which we used. Robin was ready to carry it out. Sadly, he eventually passed away.”

Once Williams passed away, Columbus quickly canceled the sequel, claiming it would be “impossible” to move forward without the illustrious actor.

Williams received a false Parkinson’s disease diagnosis two years before he passed away. After his death, an autopsy revealed that the actor had Lewy body dementia, a kind of degenerative dementia.

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The diagnosis left Robin Williams’ father feeling “frustrated,” according to his son Zak Williams, who revealed this on the podcast “The Genius Life” in 2021.

“He was experiencing things that had nothing in common with those of many Parkinson’s patients. I believe that was challenging for him “said Zak. “In addition to having a focus problem that bothered him, he also had emotional and psychological problems, and he didn’t feel well neurologically. He felt quite awkward.”

Good Morning America shared a video on youtube which is embedded below about the Biggest moments From 2023:

The misdiagnosis of Zak’s father “could have aggravated the issue,” he reasoned, and the medications used to treat him with Parkinson’s “are no joke.”

They are quite taxing on both the body and the psyche, he added. “Because the diagnosis was different from the disease, I believe it is possible that you are taking anything and are only experiencing the negative effects of [the prescription].”

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