Scoot Hall Cause of Death: At What Age He Was Died?

Scoot Hall Cause of Death: At What Age He Died? Being a part of the New World Order faction, Scott Hall revolutionized professional wrestling and sadly passed away recently. He was 63. On Monday night’s episode of Raw, WWE confirmed his passing and showed a tribute video in his honor.

Hall was inducted twice into WWE’s Hall of Fame as both Hall and his ring name, Razor Ramon. According to Kevin Nash, a longtime friend, and fellow NWO member, Hall had problems from hip replacement surgery on Monday and was taken off life support that day. On Monday, Sean Waltman, a former star in WWE and WCW, announced via Twitter, “He’s gone.”

Scoot Hall Cause of Death

As of Monday, pro wrestling great Scott Hall, a two-time WWE Hall of Famer and original member of the nWo, had passed away. He was 63. After a string of heart attacks and a clot formed after Hall was scheduled to have hip surgery, he was rushed to the hospital and put on life support. Scoot Hall died at 63 video chips are given below.


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Hall’s longtime buddy and tag team partner Kevin Nash announced on Instagram early Monday morning that Hall’s life support would be withdrawn at Wellstar Kennstone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia, once Hall’s family could be present. The death of Hall was announced at the beginning of Monday night’s Raw on WWE’s official website.

10 Best Scott Hall Quotes, Ranked

1.”You Don’t Touch Me…And WE Don’t Touch You”

After finishing off their WCW contracts in 2002, the nWo was officially absorbed into WWE. Their stint in WWE was disappointing overall, with the exception of The Rock’s match against Hollywood Hogan. Even though fans had hoped for a different matchup, Scott Hall vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had some promise.

Sadly, the Substance abuse problems Hall had in the past made him ill-equipped for this role. Hall reminded Austin of the nWo’s numerical advantage in the buildup to their bout, and the remark stuck in Austin’s mind. For example, if Austin touched Hall, Hall would tell him, “You don’t touch me…and WE don’t touch you!”

2.” Survey Says…”

Scott Hall’s portrayal of the Cuban-American figure Razor Ramon in WWE was superb. Hall’s pronunciation and demeanor were spot on. It was easy to choose “Hey Yo!” as Razor’s most memorable catchphrase. Though he continued to utilize the catchphrase in WCW, he was no longer able to assume the role of Razor Ramon.

Since then, we’ve heard some brand new mic work from Hall. In WCW, one of Hall’s favorite activities was taking a straw vote of the crowd to determine whether or not they were there to see WCW or the nWo. Throughout the 1990s, Hall frequently ended commercials with the phrase “Survey says, one more for the evil guys!”

3.”I Already Got Some Friends, I’d Like The Money”

As one of the most infamous backstage crews in wrestling, The Kliq has a lot of bad reps. While they were at the top of their game, no other trio had as much of an impact on the wrestling industry. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Sean Waltman formed the gang, which sought wealth and influence.

That’s the case, as evidenced by a comment from Scott Hall quoting something Chief Jay Strongbow said to him: “In this profession, you can make friends or you can make money.” Legend has it that Strongbow asked Hall if he wanted any money, and Hall famously looked over at Nash and Waltman and said, “I already got some buddies, I’d like the money.” Hall would earn his keep in WCW, and he and the rest of The Kliq would remain close friends until the end of their lives.

4.”Do You Know, Tax Man, What A Guy Like Me Can Do To A Guy Like You?”

Razor Ramon initially debuted as a villain in WWE. Yet, due to his immense popularity, WWE eventually converted Razor into a babyface. During this time of change, Razor required formidable opponents. “The Million Dollar Man” by Ted DiBiase was his first competition as a babyface. Once Razor had defeated DiBiase, he turned his attention to DiBiase’s partner, Irwin R. Schyster.

Scoot Hall Cause of Death (3)
Scoot Hall Cause of Death (3)

Razor’s valuable gold chains were taken during the dispute with IRS. Because of this, Razor notified IRS of potential trouble. Then he asked, “Do you know, Tax Man, what a guy like me can do to a guy like you?” The Internal Revenue Service would soon learn how deadly “The Bad Man” actually was.

5.”Yo, Heartbreak Kid, Sorry To Burst Your Bubble”

Throughout the 1990s, Razor Ramon held the WWE Intercontinental Championship with unwavering consistency. A record-setting four times, Ramon would hold the title of International Champion. There has never been a reign quite like his first, though. In 1993, Razor would become champion of the Intercontinental Division, setting up a rematch with Shawn Michaels, who had previously held the title.

At WrestleMania 10, they would have a great bout that Razor would win. But, Razor would deliver a timeless phrase to a revitalized Michaels as they headed to WrestleMania. Razor would pop a bubble gum bubble Michaels blew in his face with a toothpick and say something like, “Hello, Heartbreak Child, sorry to burst your bubble.” That’s ancient history now.

WCW’s ten  biggest mistakes involving Scott Hall include:

1.Not recognizing his true potential and giving him a bigger push when he first joined the company in 1996.

2. Allowing him to be part of the nWo Wolfpac instead of the original nWo.

3. Refusing to give him the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

4. Not giving him a more prominent role in the company.

5. Releasing him when he was still one of the most popular stars in WCW.

6. Allowing him to form the nWo 2000 faction with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan.

7. Not having more matches between him and Diamond Dallas Page.

8. Not having a better buildup for his feuds with Goldberg, Sting, and Lex Luger.

9. Not having him team up with Randy Savage to take on the nWo.

10. Booking him in a match

Full Career Retrospective and Greatest Moments for Scott Hall

If you’re a fan of wrestling, you’ve probably heard of Scott Hall. His career spanned over twenty years and saw him appear for WCW, WWF, and TNA, among others. Throughout the course of this time period, he was able to accomplish many things, including winning multiple world championships and being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Take a look back at Scott Hall’s entire career and all of his highlights right here!

During the early 1980s, Hall began his professional wrestling career after being signed by the AWA. Along with Curt Hennig, he shot to fame rapidly in 1984 when the two won the AWA World Tag Team Title. Hall’s career would be marked by a string of championships like this one.

After joining the WWF in 1985, Hall quickly rose to prominence as a main attraction for the company. With Hulk Hogan, he formed the successful tag team The Mega Powers and was an integral component of WWE’s New Generation Era. During his career in the WWF, he won the Intercontinental Championship twice and the Tag Team Championship twice.

Hall joined WCW in 1996, and soon after was named a founding member of the famous stable The New World Order. During a short time, he became the face of the promotion and a five-time WCW World Champion.

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