Scream 6 Cast: Discover The Actors Who Delivered Outstanding Performances In Film

Now available in theatres, Scream 6 features a vibrant group of new and returning actors.

One of the biggest names in the horror film industry, the Scream franchise, is approaching its 27th year. The sixth installment in the series trades in the bustle of New York City for the sleepy Californian town of Woodsboro, giving the Ghostface killer mystery a completely new urban component.

Since Scream entered a new era with Scream 5, the franchise is soaring in popularity once more. In the sixth movie, a number of well-known characters from the illustrious past of the Scream saga will feature alongside some fan-favorite newcomers. Now we are moving towards actors for Scream.

Meet The Cast Of Actor For scream 6

The most recent Scream movie served as kind of a reboot for the series. Although bringing back the previous cast, it also introduced a fresh group of characters to take the story further. In Scream, the original gang was still crucial to the story, but we can picture them losing importance as the franchise grows.

As of now, all that is known is that Gale Weathers, the venerable reporter, will once again be played by Courtney Cox. Neve Campbell has stated that the reason she won’t be back for Scream 6 is that the producers didn’t give her enough money.

Campbell stated in a press release “Sadly, I won’t be producing the following Scream movie. I have had to put in a lot of effort as a woman in my job to prove my worth, especially with Scream. I believed the offer made to me did not reflect the value I have contributed to the franchise.”

This will be the first installment in the series without Neve Campbell, which is undoubtedly disappointing news for some fans, including ourselves. Unexpectedly, one more cast member from the past will appear again: From Scream 4, Hayden Panettiere will reprise her role as Kirby Reed.

1.) Melissa Barrera – Sam Carpenter

Samantha (Sam) Carpenter, played by Melissa Barrera, returned for the sixth film after making her series debut in Scream 5. Sam moved back to New York City in Scream 5, having previously lived in her birthplace of Woodsboro.

Sam is troubled by her family’s history because she is the biological daughter of Billy Loomis, the first Ghostface. This was especially clear when the protagonist of Scream 5 learned that her boyfriend Richie had adopted the Ghostface alias. Sam, played by Barrera, hopes to have put the savage killer in the past after killing him at the end of that movie, but that will not last for long.

Scream 6 Cast
Scream 6 Cast

2.) Jasmin Savoy Brown – Mindy Meeks-Martin

Mindy Meeks-Martin, who Jasmin Savoy Brown portrayed, is another returning character from the last Scream film. In the most recent film, Mindy, Chad’s twin and the niece of Randy Meeks from the original two Scream movies, is still in shock at the 25th-anniversary killings.

Savoy Brown is best recognized for her roles in the critically acclaimed Showtime series Yellowjackets and HBO’s The Leftovers. She also played the Tinkerer in Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PlayStation, so gamers may also be familiar with her.

3.) Mason Gooding – Chad Meeks-Martin

Jasmin Savoy Brown’s Mindy Meeks-Martin in his second Scream movie after Scream 6. Chad does not share the same interests as Mindy and her uncle Randy, who enjoys horror films.

Gooding, who is the real-life son of actor Cuba Gooding Jr., maybe most known to fans for his performance in Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart.

4.) Hayden Panettiere – Kirby Reed

Kirby Reed, played by Hayden Panettiere, returns in the sixth installment after being gone in Scream 4. Her character from Scream 4 is currently an FBI agent in New York City looking into a recent spate of Ghostface killings that have occurred in the city.

With credits like ABC’s Heroes, Nashville, I Love You, Beth Cooper, and even Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts video game series, Panettiere has an amazing career.

5.) Courteney Cox – Gale Weathers

Resuming her role as former video journalist Gale Weathers, Courteney Cox (of Friends fame) maintains her record as the only performer to have starred in each and every Scream movie.

Cox’s Gale, who utilised the Ghostface slaying to launch her career in the first two Scream movies, is now a renowned book and talk show host, and she has so far assisted every encounter of the young Scream ensemble in bringing the nasty Ghostface killer to justice.

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6.) Jack Champion – Ethan Landry

Jack Champion, who starred in Avatar: The Way of Water, will make his Scream debut in Scream 6. In Scream 6, Champion, who played Spyder in James Cameron’s science fiction epic, plays Ethan Landry.

Although not much is known about the new character just yet, many have theorized that Ethan has some sort of relationship with the Ghostface killer.

7.) Liana Liberato – Quinn Bailey

Quinn Bailey is portrayed by Liana Liberato in the exciting follow-up. Quinn is the daughter of Detective Bailey, played by Dermot Mulroney, who is looking into a series of unsolved murders in New York City.

Liberato received two Daytime Emmys for her performance on Hulu’s Light as a Feather and co-starred in Trespass with Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman.

8.) Dermot Mulroney – Detective Bailey

Detective Bailey is the one investigating the horrifying murders of Scream 6. (played by Dermot Mulroney). Once Ghostface appears in the Big City, the New York detective jumps into action, aiding in the pursuit of this murderer’s conviction.

My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Wedding Date both featured Dermot Mulroney in the lead roles. and has appeared in movies including David Fincher’s Zodiac as a character actor.

9.) Devyn Nekoda – Anika Kayoko

Devyn Nekoda joins the young cast, which also includes Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera.

Little is currently known about the character of Anika Kayoko, whom the Ginny & Georgia actor plays in the movie.

10.) Jenna Ortega – Tara Carpenter

In this most recent slasher epic, Jenna Ortega reprises her role as Tara Carpenter, who made her franchise debut in Scream 5. Melissa Barrera Sam’s younger sister, Tara Ortega, also endured the 25th-anniversary killings depicted in the most recent Scream movie.

Ortega has established herself as a contemporary “Scream Queen” after appearing in a series of spine-chilling recent films, including Ti West’s 2022 horror smash X. Additionally, the actress has gained some notoriety online after starring in the Netflix Addams Family spin-off Wednesday, which received a Golden Globe nomination.

The tweet shows you more about the Scream 7 cast:

11.) Tony Revolori – Jason Carvey

Jason Carvey is portrayed by MCU actor Tony Revolori in Scream 6. Revolori’s Jason, whose name pays homage to Friday the 13th villain Jason Vorhees, will probably be one of the teenagers battling the Ghostface killer.

The actor who portrays Flash Thompsom in Spider-Man: No Way Home just completed some super-powered work at Marvel Studios, working opposite Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

12.) Josh Segarra – Danny Brackett

Josh Segarra from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law appears in the movie as another former employee of Marvel Studios. Segarra’s role as Pug in the Disney+ costumed legal comedy from 2022 will be recognized by fans.

He portrays Danny Brackett this time, whose last name is a nod to Leigh Brackett, a fixture of the Halloween franchise.

13.) Samara Weaving – Laura Crane

Samara Weaving portrays Laura Crane. Weaving’s character borrows Alfred Hitchcock’s surname, Psycho, in another nod to classic horror movies.

Weaving’s acting credits include Heather in Ash vs. Evil Dead and Bee in the Netflix series The Babysitter.

14.) Henry Czerny – Dr. Christopher Stone

In Scream 6, Henry Czerny makes an appearance as Dr. Christopher Stone. Sam Carpenter’s therapist, Dr. Stone, is tasked with assisting the adolescent in processing the dreadful event she saw in Scream 5.

Czerny is no stranger to franchise entertainment; he is most recognized for playing Eugene Kittridge in the Mission Impossible films.

Scream 6 Cast
Scream 6 Cast

15.) Thomas Cadrot – Brooks

Although Thomas Cadrot’s Brooks is one of the most likely possibilities to be the person wearing the Ghostface mask this time around, nothing is known about him.

Having gained notoriety in Hallmark Holiday movies like Merry Little Christmas, this is Cadrot’s first significant motion feature.

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16.) Andre Anthony – Frankie

Andre Anthony’s Frankie is a brand-new addition to the cast. It’s unclear who will take over for Ghostface in Scream 6, but Frankie seems like a strong contender.

Andre Anthony is also comparatively unheard of, and this is his significant theatrical debut.

17.) Roger L. Jackson – Ghostface

Of all, a Scream movie wouldn’t be complete without the legendary killer’s voice. Roger L. Jackson has always been present to deliver the voice, despite the fact that several persons have worn the Ghostface mask.

The franchise began in 1996 with Jackson’s voice asking Drew Berrymore’s character Casey Becker, “Do you like scary movies?” Indeed, the same spooky intonation will continue to frighten viewers all over the world for many more Scream movies to come.


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