What Is The Cause Of Selma Blair Illness?

Multiple sclerosis was discovered in the Cruel Intentions actress in 2018. Selma Blair considers her experience with multiple sclerosis.

The actress, 50, spoke out on the cover of Self magazine’s January issue about how the autoimmune disease has affected her life after being diagnosed in August 2018.

“While it haunts my bodily cells, I’m much better now. It exists, “She spoke to the source.

“Some people say, “I’m healed!” when they awaken two years later. The colors are more vivid “Added she. “But I never experienced that. I recently stopped regressing.”

The central nervous system is affected by MS, which is frequently referred to as an “invisible” disease. MS is unpredictable and has varied effects on different people. Blair is adamant about fighting for her place in front of and behind the cameras — as well as for those of other people with disabilities — despite the fact that this can make it difficult for her to work in the entertainment industry.

Selma Blair Illness
Selma Blair Illness

“Certainly, there is a range of abilities among people. Absolutely. Yet, since you are who you are, accommodations must be made “The Cruel Intentions actress emphasized the significance of welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds in the workplace.

There is just so much recognizing that others feel like a burden that it interferes with your work, she continued. It detracts from emphasizing your equal right to be present on set with everyone else.

The answer, according to Blair, is to embrace the mentality of “Let’s adapt to this. This should be integrated into our base camps.”

When Blair joined up for season 31 of Dancing with the Stars, which she referred to as “immersion therapy” after her decision to step back in October, citing concerns over the effects the rigorous practice regimen was having on her physique, she forcefully demonstrated this approach for herself.

Blair taped a message for her lover Sasha Farber that read, “You know I’ve been monitored and in touch with my doctors this whole time. “I got these MRIs, and once the findings were in, it was clear that I couldn’t. I can’t. I’m unable to continue in the competition. I exerted all of my force.”


She explained more to herself about why she had worked her body to the maximum on the dance floor.

“I think I genuinely need this,” Blair recalls thinking about her desire to dance despite her agony. “Those with impairments or chronic illnesses should, in my opinion, explore their potential. I should enjoy myself and make an effort.”

Also, Blair saw it as a chance to encourage others to pursue their goals and to demonstrate to the general public that people with MS are far more capable than they may have thought.

When asked about the need to lessen the stigma associated with MS and other disabilities, she said, “It’s not simply so the person in the room can go up there. “It’s for the home viewer to normalize that the child in the wheelchair, the braces, or the person with cerebral palsy — whatever it is that makes them feel different from the person who can just bounce up with their heels — can be in the movies. I feel as though I can dream this. This is something I can already dream of. There is a way for me to get up there.

The DWTS contestants expressed their admiration and support for Blair following her self-elimination in October.

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“It was a shock—complete, total shock. I had no knowledge of it entering it “After the concert, Wayne Brady spoke with the media, including PEOPLE. And she makes this competition come alive.

The light that we have all drawn near to is Selma, he continued, and we are all now in close proximity. “Thus, a loss.”

On her heartbreaking final episode, Blair danced one final dance with professional partner Sasha Farber to the song “What the World Needs Now,” a Waltz.

A few weeks later, she came back for the show’s final dance with Farber and gave her son Arthur, 11, a special message.

“Arthur, I love you the most and I just want to say, I enjoyed this,” Blair stated regarding her experience on the show. There will inevitably be uncomfortable things to do in life, but you just have to do them cheerfully.

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