Shooting Husband And Warned Children On Chicago Highway

The pregnant wife of a man shot while driving on I-55 in Chicago describes the tragic events of the night Mayra Solis, her husband, and two children were traveling home from a long-awaited family reunion Thursday evening when she said her husband was unexpectedly shot on a Chicago motorway, spending his final breaths telling the children in the backseat to take cover.

This was revealed in an emotional interview with NBC Chicago just hours after the shooting.

Only hours after losing her partner, Solis, who is pregnant, spoke in an emotional interview with NBC Chicago about the night’s devastating events.

Shooting Husband And Warned Children On Chicago Highway
Shooting Husband And Warned Children On Chicago Highway

Solis’ husband, Humberto Marin-Garcia, 28, was reunited with his grandmother during her visit from Mexico; it was the first time he had seen her in nearly ten years. The family, which also included an 11-year-old girl and a 3-year-old child, was leaving a relative’s home and making their way home, Solis said.

“There, we remained for a while. Like any other drive, we took the highway on the way back. I would guess that after three blocks, I heard what sounded like an explosion “said Solis. “I initially believed it to be a wheel. My infant was in her car seat when I turned back, and I noticed that the window was broken. And I think, “OK, she’s fine.”

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According to Solis, her husband screamed at that point, “ordering my oldest to bend down.”

She stated, “I believed we were Alright until I observed that he lost control, and the car started moving to the right. My daughter snatched her tiny sister off the car seat and covered her.

Solis had to react swiftly as the automobile drifted towards the concrete wall.
We would have flipped, she remarked, if I hadn’t noticed. “I was able to take the wheel, steer it, and park it. He wasn’t breathing anymore when I checked on him after turning around. He was already deceased. It was already too late when I contacted the ambulance.”

According to Solis, there were no episodes of road rage before the shooting.

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It all happened so quickly, she remarked. An investigation, according to police, is ongoing. The northbound lanes of Interstate 55 at Ashland Avenue were closed for about six hours as a result of the gunshot, which happened at 9:30 p.m.

Photos and video was taken at the scene show a significant police presence in the northbound lanes as officers searched for evidence and combed the entire highway.

The victim’s expectant wife was reportedly in the passenger seat when the incident took place, according to the police. Despite not being hurt in the incident, she was taken to a nearby hospital for testing, according to authorities.

Solis characterized her husband as a diligent businessman who specialized in hardwood flooring.

She condemned the violence that claimed his life as well as those of many others on Friday.

She answered, “This happens every day. And particularly to those who are innocent and don’t deserve it, like my spouse.

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