Shots Inside The Walmart In Winchester

WMC – MEMPHIS, Tennessee Officers responded to many complaints on 24 Feb 2023, Friday night reporting gunshots fired in the Walmart off Winchester Road.

Authorities are still undecided as to whether the sounds reported came from a gun or simply looked like gunshots.

Shots Inside The Walmart In Winchester
Shots Inside The Walmart In Winchester

Employees of the store took safety measures as customers fled for cover in order to guarantee that everyone was safe.

A man reportedly left the site after the rounds were fired, according to claims from witnesses. Some witnesses even claimed to have seen a man holding a gun.

Have a look on the below  tweet embedded on shorts inside Walmart:

Sergeant Brownlee of the Memphis Police Department said, We don’t know and we’re still trying to investigate if it was truly a shot fired or if it was just a different sound. “Officers arrived, Walmart has its protocols in place, we were able to secure personnel, get them out, and also get customers out in an orderly fashion,” said the officer.

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Police also twice performed in-depth inspections of Walmart’s perimeter in order to guarantee the security of both its patrons and staff.

The Memphis Police Department has planned to speak with witnesses and look over any surveillance footage that can be useful in the investigation. This is currently an open investigation.

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