Shots Were Fired During A Robbery Attempt In Ballard

In Seattle- The Seattle Police Department reports that an alleged robbery occurred in Ballard on Monday night and resulted in the death of one suspect and the injury of another.

Officers were called to the King Smoke Shop in the 7700 block of 15th Avenue Northwest shortly after 4 o’clock due to a reported shooting.

Police responded to the area and discovered two individuals, one inside the place of business working and the other outside, both suffering from gunshot wounds.

According to police, their first investigation shows that a 29-year-old guy tried to loot the business before shooting a 38-year-old employee. After the suspect was hit and hurt by the employee’s return fire, he or she fled the business.

Shots Were Fired During A Robbery Attempt In Ballard
Shots Were Fired During A Robbery Attempt In Ballard

Before the police arrived, members of the community helped the employee by using their belts as a tourniquet. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center to receive non-life-threatening treatment for several gunshot wounds.

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The suspect was given CPR by police, but he passed away on the spot.

Police from the SPD’s homicide unit responded and will oversee the investigation.

Owner of Pour Choices across the street Regina Fontaine said, “That was pretty frightening, mainly considering it happened during the day and with so much activity right around here.”

Despite the fact that her company has been broken into and has been open for a year, Fontaine claimed that neither she nor her neighbors are used to seeing violence.

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There was a man over here showing a tenant around his property, but he regrettably lost the tenant because they became a little uneasy and scared when they saw the police cruisers. The fact that it’s not like that here is truly a pity, remarked Fontaine.

The attempted robbery occurred as robbers continued to target smoking establishments.

Three guys who robbed a West Seattle tobacco shop on Saturday at gunpoint are still on the loose, according to Seattle police.

Police in Tacoma is searching for two armed robbers who have committed six robberies in less than a week.

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