Methods For Sons Of The Forest Map Firefighting

In Sons of the Forest, starting a fire isn’t too difficult because sticks catch fire rapidly and you should always have plenty of them on hand. Nevertheless, a lot of players are having problems learning how to put out fires, which could cause an accident like a home fire or burn. Here is everything you need to know about putting out flames in Sons of the Forest if you’re one of the many people experiencing difficulties with it.

Sons Of The Forest: How To Build A Fire

Although it is simple to start a fire, some players could be having problems because of the demanding crash landing conditions. To start a fire, just:

  • Gather two sticks.
  • Look down at the ground and left-click to snap both sticks in half.
  • Once you do that, your character will pull out a lighter. Hold E to light a leaf, creating a small fire.
Sons Of The Forest Map
Sons Of The Forest Map

Very straightforward to do, but there are a few techniques to keep in mind. To keep the fire going, approach it with sticks and repeat the second step, making your character add more “fuel to the fire.” On the other hand, if you gather big rocks, your fire will last longer. When you approach a fire while carrying a sizable rock, you’ll see a white circle indicating that you can lay down rocks around the fire to strengthen it.

Sons Of The Forest: Putting Out Fires

After learning how to start a fire, you’ll undoubtedly want to learn how to put one out in order to protect your structures and prevent needless casualties.

When putting out a fire, you have two choices; sleeping will, by its own nature, cause a fire to go out. With a limited health pool, flames won’t put up much of a fight when you assault them with a weapon to put out the fire.

The investigation is still in process for these cases:

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should dash toward the water to put out the flames if you find yourself on fire. You don’t want to keep burning because doing so will kill you and your armor set.

Sons Of The Forest Map

Sons Of The Forest Map
Sons Of The Forest Map

The intriguing locations that we have so far discovered have been highlighted according to mythology. The following section will go through the notable loot and features of the aforementioned icons.

Sons Of The Forest Locations

Here are all of the locations we’ve discovered in Sons of the Forest and what we found inside. Keep in mind that we’ll only mention notable items or features of each location; these locations may have enemies or other loot, too.

Here are what each of the icons in the Legend means:

  • Spawn Point – These are the locations where you begin your adventure on the island. Your spawn point is randomly chosen from a set of three predetermined locations.
  • Cannibal Camp – Cannibal Camps are populated by Cannibals and will usually have a small amount of loot within.
  • Cave – Some Caves will only have a few items. Others will be larger areas that require exploration or lead to BUnkers.
  • Bunkers – Bunkers are the unfinished or damaged facilities on the island that typically have high-tech items and useful loot.
  • Point of Interest – Points of Interest is special areas where you can find Crafting materials or other useful items.


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