Steel Magnolias Cast: All Characters And Their Roles

Steel Magnolias Cast will be discussed in detail. The movie “Steel Magnolias” is simply a succession of comedic one-liners leading up to a tearjerking catastrophe, but it should be noted that most of the one-liners are humorous and that most of the tears should be shed for the tragedy.

The film, which is set in Louisiana during the alleged 1980s, centers on a close-knit group of women friends whose husbands’ absences, depressions, or deaths provide them plenty of free time to gossip at the beauty shop.

They specialize in gossip, and one of the characters even quotes Alice Roosevelt Longworth, who said, “If you have something unpleasant to say about someone, seat down right here next to me.” The women love people with “pasts” beyond all else, and when the nerdy new girl at the salon admits that she “thinks” she is married, they huddle together and hold their breath. Let’s have a look into Steel Magnolias Cast.

Steel Magnolias Cast

Dolly Parton runs the beauty parlor, serving as yet another example of how natural and upbeat she is as an actress. A young bride-to-be (Julia Roberts) enters her hands at the opening of the film and nearly passes out when she recognizes herself in the mirror. Diabetes is the cause, not shock, and a drink of orange juice helps her feel better.

Daryl Hannah, a recent recruit by Parton, does her hardest to interact with the bride’s mother (Sally Field). Olympia Dukakis, whose character has lost her husband but has a potbellied suitor on the horizon, and Shirley MacLaine, who plays the wealthiest and meanest woman in town, stop by to trade observations.

These six women are the steel magnolias of the title, dippy Southern belles with the inner fortitude to overcome any challenge—and there are plenty of them in this movie. But, because the film successfully clings to its humorous language, we are initially unaware of the oncoming disaster.

Every remark is an epigram, so I doubt any six real women could be so humorous and caustic all the time, but I adore the way these women speak, especially when Parton says, “What differentiates humans from the animals is our ability to accessorize.

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In this film, the men are pretty much insignificant. As the bride’s father, Tom Skerritt spends most of his time trying to drive pigeons out of his trees while beaming generously. Dolly Parton’s husband, Sam Shepard spends a lot of days in bed suffering from depression before landing a job on an offshore oil rig that requires him to be gone for seven days at a time.

The groom, Dylan McDermott, is a charming nonentity who is overshadowed or completely forgotten about at important life events. Then there is the unfortunate Kevin J. O’Connor, who has successfully seduced Shirley MacLaine to the point where she will literally wink at him in a church.

Steel Magnolias Cast
Steel Magnolias Cast

No, this is a photo of a woman. And the ladies who live there cook, sew, repair, and chauffeur one another around town. They argue, reconcile, cry, hug, and exchange gifts. They go to the hairdresser. And when tragedy occurs and one of their little group members passes away, they have the fortitude to grin through their tears of grief.

The most moving sequence in the film is a short, tearful monologue by Sally Field in which she asks God the question that frequently occupies all of our minds: “Why?” We are impacted by what she asks because of the way she asks it and the words she employs.

I overheard some sneezing and nose-blowing. With all its pretenses, “Steel Magnolias” is more akin to “Miss Firecracker” than “Terms of Endearment,” yet after the tears come to a loud laugh that is humorous but just on the verge of becoming a cheap dramatic ploy.

The film was written by Robert Harling, based on his own play, and was directed by Herbert Ross. MacLaine, who plays the local nutcase who lumbers around in overalls and is drawn by a large, ugly dog, gives a particularly hilarious performance.

The actresses’ ensemble work, in which they trade one-liners and zingers, stick together, and dish the dirt, is the main source of the film’s enjoyment. Although “Steel Magnolias” is ready to forgo its overall significance in favor of specific humorous moments, you have to give them credit: The moments are effective.

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