Clippers Won’t Appreciate Stephen A. Smith’s Most Recent Opinion On Kawhi Leonard!

Fans of the Los Angeles Clippers won’t appreciate Stephen A. Smith’s most recent opinion on Kawhi Leonard. According to ESPN First Take and Stephen A. Smith on Twitter, Smith referred to Leonard as one of the “worst superstars” the league has ever seen after LA’s loss to the Phoenix Suns on 20 April 2023 Thursday night.

Smith stated on First Take that Kawhi Leonard “should be on the list of one of the worst superstars this game has ever seen.” It’s true, I stated it.

Later, Smith made it clear that he wasn’t talking about Kawhi Leonard’s skill.

Smith continued, “Because everyone who watches basketball understands I’m certainly not talking about his skills. We are aware of the brother’s fame and superstar status as a performer. he is that dude. But when you talk about a superstar that is unreliable, I want somebody that’s pointing me out somebody more flagrant than him.”

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith

In fact, Smith went so far as to say that he preferred Kyrie Irving to Kawhi Leonard in the playoffs because Irving is, in his opinion, “more reliable” than Leonard.

Over the past few seasons, injuries have limited Kawhi Leonard’s performance. Leonard faced plenty of load management challenges throughout the 2022–23 season as a result. Since the 2016–17 season, Leonard hasn’t participated in 61 or more games in a single regular season. He played for the Clippers in 52 games all this season. Be sure to visit our most recently posted story about Alexis Ohanian Welcome To The New Olympian.

At this point, Kawhi Leonard should just retire-

It’s challenging to hold Leonard responsible for his absences. But the goal of load management is to have a player ready for the postseason. Despite playing without Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers fell short to the Suns, 129-124. The Clippers would have had a great chance to win Game 3 and take a 2-1 series lead if Leonard had been available.

Kawhi Leonard’s return from injury and participation in Game 4 would be ideal for Los Angeles, but nothing is guaranteed right now.

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