Stephen Smith Murdaugh Buster Reddit: Did Stephen Smith Be Killed By Buster Murdaugh?

Recently, the South Carolina Murdaugh family has made headlines due to a slew of homicides and controversies. The death of Stephen Smith and the potential involvement of Buster Murdaugh Source make it one of the most intriguing cases. In this piece, we’ll look at the situation and attempt to provide a response to the query: Did Buster Murdaugh murder, Stephen Smith?

Buster Murdaugh: Who Is He? 

A prominent South Carolina family, the Murdaughs, includes Buster Murdaugh. Randolph Murdaugh III is his full name, although he prefers Buster. He is Alex Murdaugh’s brother and the son of Randolph Murdaugh Jr.

Stephen Smith Murdaugh Buster
Stephen Smith Murdaugh Buster

Stephen Smith: Who Is He?

A 19-year-old from Hampton, South Carolina named Stephen Smith was there. He had worked for the Murdaugh family’s legal team in the past.

Here is something shared by Dave Taft on Twitter about Stephen Smith Murdaugh Buster-

I hope Buster Murdaugh has some job skills because his silver spoon and inheritance are gone. That said, the investigation of the murder of Stephen Smith has been reopened and he may join his dad in prison.

— Dave Taft  (@dave_taft) March 3, 2023

What Does Stephen Smith Have In Common With Buster Murdaugh?

Stephen Smith and Buster Murdaugh had previously worked together at the Murdaugh family’s legal practice.

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What Is The Proof That Connects Buster Murdaugh To Stephen Smith’s Murder?

Stephen Smith Murdaugh Buster
Stephen Smith Murdaugh Buster

There is no conclusive proof connecting Buster Murdaugh to Stephen Smith’s murder. But because of his proximity to the crime site and his connection to the victim, some people think he might have been involved.

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