Steve Glew Net Worth: Is He still Rich?

You can read here about all the details related to Steve Glew Net Worth, Glew, a machine operator from Michigan who was born in 1951 and is now 71 years old, amassed millions of dollars by smuggling valuable Pez dispensers into the US from Eastern Europe. He is also a collector who converted his interest in candy holders into a multi-million-dollar smuggling business. His story was just included in The Pez Outlaw, a brand-new Netflix documentary.

In DeWitt, Michigan, Steve Glew was born to his parents. His mother’s and father’s names aren’t mentioned in the public media, nevertheless. He has also kept his personal life very quiet. Records show that his mother was a stay-at-home mom and that his father owned a farm in Michigan. Records also indicate that he had siblings, although none of their names are known to the general world, dig into the next paragraph to know Steve’s net worth.

Steve Glew Net Worth

Steve Glew profited from the fact that American Pez collectors sought pricey and unique dispensers and desired what was offered in Europe. Additionally, before returning to the US, he would go to Eastern Europe and purchase the uncommon Pez candy dispensers.

Steve Glew Net Worth
Steve Glew Net Worth

Records show that Steve Glew earned $4.5 million from the company.

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Due to his family’s poverty, Steve Glew had a challenging upbringing that constrained his opportunities for development and resources. The native of DeWitt, Michigan, additionally battled alcohol and drug abuse for a number of years as a youngster, which made it difficult for him to find stable work until much later in life. Although nothing is known about his early career, he worked as a machine operator in the 1990s and ran an intriguing side business to earn some extra cash. Stay continue on this page to know more is steve’s still rich and his married life.

Is Steve Glew still rich today?

According to The Detroit News, Glew went into $250,000 of debt due to a Pez competitor, and he still owes about half of the money today. As a result, he began to market his “rags-to-riches-to-rags” story in 2010 to gain the attention of the media.

Steve Glew’s Married Life

The wife of Steve Glew, who is married, is Kathy Glew. For several years, the pair has been married. In addition, his wife had always been there for him through good times and bad. They have, however, kept their personal lives very private and haven’t said much about them in the public.

Steve Glew Net Worth
Steve Glew Net Worth

The pair has been blessed with two children over the course of their marriage. Joshua, Steve’s oldest son, is one of them as well. Steve’s two children are now adults who are content with their own families.

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