Street-Racing Incidents Dominate Austin Streets; 1 APD Officer Is Injured

AUSTIN, Texas – The Austin Police Department is looking into a number of street racing incidents that happened on Saturday night and resulted in one officer being hurt and multiple vehicles being damaged.

Videos show individuals on fire, girls hanging out of windows, automobiles performing donuts, and people throwing pyrotechnics at police cars.

A bit after nine o’clock. Others were preventing traffic on Saturday night in North Austin at the intersections of Lamar Boulevard and Barton Springs Road, Mueller Boulevard and 51st Street, and Howard Lane.

The Lonestar Show, one of the event’s cohosts, told FOX 7 that the main objective was to have fun. Many individuals from all around the nation traveled to take part in this sideshow or takeover.

Street-Racing Incidents Dominate Austin Streets; 1 APD Officer Is Injured
Street-Racing Incidents Dominate Austin Streets; 1 APD Officer Is Injured

“We desire recognition and documentation. We aspire to succeed Fast and Furious “Jose Gonzales, a resident of South Austin who attended the street racing event, remarked.

Although many people were having a good time, some appeared to be worried, according to Lewis Guapo, a filmmaker who claimed to have just happened to stop by.

“It is unsafe and potentially dangerous, but as I mentioned, the intersection is large, has plenty of open space, and every one is backed up, so it’s not particularly risky. It is perilous once you begin entering and doing things that you are not supposed to do “explained Guapo.

According to Austin Police Department, this conduct puts the general public at serious risk and danger.

The event continued until early Sunday morning, approximately 1:30. According to Austin PD, numerous vehicles were damaged, and one officer was hurt. According to a representative for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, two of their vehicles had to be towed after having their windows broken and receiving rock throws.

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“We had no desire to cause harm to anyone. That’s our fault, you know. We apologize to the injured police officer, but man, he really ought to have kept in his own lane “added Gonzales.

The event’s cohost stated that they do not support touching police vehicles or lighting off pyrotechnics. They pay for it as taxpayers, he told FOX 7 that as taxpayers, they pay for the roads too, and this is how they choose to use them.

Gonzales responded, “They can’t catch us,” when asked if he is ever worried about getting into trouble or perhaps being arrested.

Lawbreaking in this way will lead to enforcement and arrest, according to Austin Police.

Later, APD said that two persons had been detained for resisting arrest and that more people might be charged as the investigation goes on.

Kirk Watson, the mayor, was also contacted by FOX 7 for comment, but they haven’t heard back yet.

Austin legislators “continue to defund, degrade, and demoralize public safety,” according to the Austin Police Association. We take this information from FOX 7 and shared it with you.

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