Super Mario Wonder Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay And Much More

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a brand-new 2D Mario game, is ready to revolutionize the beloved franchise’s traditional side-scrolling action. Here is all the information you need to know about the upcoming 2D Mario game. For players of all ages, the Mario franchise is a favorite. This is especially true for the iconic Mario 2D side-scrolling game that the majority of retro gamers grew up with.

Since the last 2D Mario game, Super Mario Bros. U, came out in 2012, Nintendo has actually announced a brand-new 2D Mario game for the first time in ten years. Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the name of this next game, is scheduled for release in 2023. Below is a list of all the details we currently know about this new 2D Mario game.

Super Mario Wonder Release Date And Platform

For both the physical and digital versions of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which will be released on October 20 for the Nintendo Switch, preorders are already open. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is currently up against Alan Wake 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Just Dance 2024 in October, a big month for gaming.

The following tweet confirms the release date:

Super Mario Wonder Gameplay

Super Mario Bros. Wonder appears mechanically to be a Mario game that doesn’t go too far from its tried-and-true 2D action, but there is a new creative layer here that originates from a significant new feature in this game.

You can rewrite the reality of the Mushroom Kingdom around you by using Wonder Flowers, a new item that you’ll find along Mario’s quest. Each run through a level gets a little bit more chaotic as warp pipes come to life, Mario gets a noodle body, and characters change in odd ways.

Super Mario Wonder Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay And Much More

The game’s graphics appear to be straining the Switch’s capabilities, as this vibrant adventure features some of the most intricately detailed environments and Mario character designs yet. Super Mario Bros. Wonder may be one of the most unexpected Mario games in recent memory because of its more unpredictable design, which is still fundamentally about making the perfect run through a level.

Additionally, Mario can now be turned into an elephant. Although we don’t know what additional new skills this power-up bestows upon you, we do know that the Internet cannot stand the thought of Elephant Mario without igniting a flurry of fan art.

Voice Actor of Mario

Some fans detected an apparent alteration in Mario’s voice when Wonder was initially released. Indeed, the reason for that is that veteran voice actor Charles Martinet will no longer be portraying Mario. Nintendo announced Martinet’s departure from the position and transition into a new position as “Mario Ambassador.” Although it appears that the goal is to maintain the voice’s similarity to the current version, it is unknown who is now voicing Mario.

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Super Mario Wonder Trailer

Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s initial official trailer debuted on June 6, 2023 during a Nintendo Direct session. Fans can click this link or the trailer below to watch it:

Super Mario Wonder is a Multiplayer Game

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, up to four players can join forces, and it appears that you can employ any character combinations to explore the Mushroom Kingdom. The game will support team configurations like a tag team of Daisies or a quartet of Marios in your session.

Although it’s unclear at this point whether the game will support couch co-op, Nintendo’s first-party Mario games typically permit at least two players to team up locally.

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