Texas Appeals Court Has Reopened The Jerry Jones S*xual Assault Case

Jerry Jones was sued by a woman who claimed the Dallas Cowboys owner “kissed her on the mouth and forcibly grabbed her without her consent.” A Texas Appeals Court overturned the lower court’s decision to dismiss the case.

The Tom Landry Lounge at Arlington’s AT&T Stadium is where the event allegedly took place in September 2018 according to the personal injury lawsuit.

“Past and future physical agony and mental anguish, past and future severe psychological pain, and suffering, past and future emotional distress, past and future medical expenses,” according to the complaint from a defendant identified only by the initials J.G.

Texas Appeals Court Has Reopened
Texas Appeals Court Has Reopened


The complaint, which was filed in 2020, is being returned to the Dallas County district court after it was dismissed last February as a result of Monday’s appeals court decision.

The case needed specifics, such as the identity of the plaintiff and the precise location of the claimed incident, according to Jones’ attorneys in a prior argument.

Afterward, the woman’s lawyers sent the defendants’ lawyers an email with her name and modified the complaint to state that the alleged incident took place in the Landry Room. The district court judge dismissed the case in February 2022.

You can also cover the incident happening with the officer:

The trial court erred by dismissing the appellant’s claims because she made a good faith effort to revise her pleadings in response to the court’s special exceptions order and no more special exceptions were made, said appeals court judge Amanda Reichek in her decision on Monday, 27 Feb 2023.

The district court for Dallas County will now hear the case once more.

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