Texas Received Toxic Effluent From The Derailment Of An Ohio Train

The top local official at the destination claims she had to find out on her own that the water that extinguished the fire at the deadly train crash in Ohio was being shipped to Texas for disposal.

According to authorities, at least 2 million gallons of the contaminated water will be shipped over 1,300 miles from the Texas hamlet of Deer Park to East Palestine, Ohio.

Texas Received Toxic Effluent From The Derailment Of An Ohio Train
Texas Received Toxic Effluent From The Derailment Of An Ohio Train

Judge Lina Hidalgo of Harris County said in a statement on Wednesday, “I and my office heard today that ‘firefighting water’ from East Palestine, Ohio railroad derailment is scheduled to be disposed of in our County. Hidalgo oversees emergency management and is the county’s main executive; she is also in charge of Deer Park.

The disposal is handled by Texas Molecular, a waste treatment firm. According to specialists who spoke with the Associated Press and ABC13, it will probably use deep good injection, which entails drilling a hole thousands of feet underground and flushing the garbage inside.

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Hidalgo, though, has raised concerns about the contaminated water being delivered to Harris County, which is home to 4.5 million people, more than the population of Oregon as a whole.

She claimed that she just learned about the arrangement through the media during a press conference on Thursday as given below:

According to Hidalgo, Texas Molecular’s Deer Park facility had been getting 500,000 gallons of the dangerous water for more than a week before she spoke with them.

“Texas Molecular claims that the water started to arrive in Houston County, quote, “around last Wednesday.” They conveyed that to us “She spoke.

Hidalgo claimed that she wasn’t attempting to incite anxiety, but she took issue with the manner in which the arrangement was explained given that it might have significant safety ramifications.

She claimed that the federal government “doesn’t seem to have the complete information.” She spoke to the issue of communication surrounding the situation as “I’m not clear on who has the complete picture here and that is a problem.”

Hidalgo further questioned the necessity of transporting the water all the way to Texas. Two additional injection wells, one in Ohio and one in Michigan, that may accept hazardous material are located closer to the derailment site, according to her.

We need to know the solution, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that something sinister is happening, she added.

According to Hidalgo, the hazardous water is being transported by rail and will then be transferred to trucks for the remaining distance.

The last thing she wanted was for one of the numerous villages between Ohio and Harris County, Texas, or our neighborhood to be the next location where an accident occurred due to materials from this derailing.

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