The Flash Needs Two Batmans To Save The Day, Here’s Why

If you are here to know about The Flash Needs Two Batmans To Save The Day, Here’s Why- We’ve finally seen The Flash’s first complete trailer after waiting for literally years. With two distinct versions of Barry Allen, two entirely different Batmen, a Supergirl, and some recognizable villains we never expected to see again, it’s a superhero film that combines the old and the new of the DCEU.

But what precisely is The Flash’s story? Why has time itself grown to be Barry’s biggest enemy? Why does he require two Batmen to avert this menace, you ask? Learn more about what to anticipate when The Flash premieres in cinemas on June 16 by analyzing the new footage in the official trailer and the Big Game commercial.

Barry Allen And The Flashpoint

The movie’s narrative has already been reported, and the trailer essentially verifies that. The Flash is obviously drawing inspiration from the 2011 film Flashpoint, whose plot also served as the basis for the animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox from 2013 and Season 3 of the CW series.

Barry, played by Ezra Miller, goes back in time, whether on purpose or accidentally, and alters the course of the DC Extended Universe. In this instance, he stops the terrible catastrophe from happening that would have murdered his mother and put his father in jail for her murder.

Look At The Video About Why The Flash Has TWO Batmen:

But if there’s one thing that runs across every iteration of the Flashpoint plot, it’s that messing with time has disastrous results. Barry’s attempt to manipulate time is immediately apparent when he runs across a younger version of himself. Miller looks to be playing two roles over a large portion of the movie based on how frequently we see sequences of old and young Barry conversing.

Another distinguishing feature of Flashpoint is that when Barry awakens in his new reality, he loses his speed. Although it’s difficult to tell from the teaser if this is the case, we wouldn’t be surprised if Barry’s attempt to regain his speed played a significant role in the story.

In fact, one picture appears to show both Barrys being struck by lightning, implying that they collaborate to reenact the original Speed Force incident and obtain a double dose of speed.

In any case, we see a sight of red and blue speedsters coming together, suggesting that both Barrys will have their speed in time for the exciting final confrontation.

One more cool feature that is inspired by comic books is also revealed in the trailer. Barry now wears his patented Flash ring, which contains a compartment for his outfit.

Going Back To Man Of Steel

The Flash’s plot is revealed in the trailer in several important new ways. Barry appears to have stumbled into a new chronology that is based on the year 2013. This is due to the fact that we witness General Zod and his Kryptonian army starting to invade Earth. For this one, both Zod (Michael Shannon) and Faora (Antje Traue) are making their DCEU comebacks.

The Flash Needs Two Batmans To Save The Day, Here's Why
The Flash Needs Two Batmans To Save The Day, Here’s Why

In essence, Barry has accidentally entered the Man of Steel events, only this time, Superman isn’t standing guard over the Earth. Two speedsters who may or may not genuinely possess speed, along with a cranky old Batman, must do for Earth (more on him later).

Another recurring theme in Flashpoint is this one. Barry’s attempts to manipulate time have consequences that extend beyond his family and change reality both ahead and backward in time. The majority of the metahuman heroes we are familiar with from the standard DCEU seem to be absent from this new timeframe. According to what we’re told, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman don’t exist.

Supergirl does exist, though. That seems to be another significant adjustment Barry made. In this universe, Kara Zor-El, not Kal-El, was the one who fell to Earth. And Sasha Calle’s Kara has ended up in federal custody rather than settling down with a loving couple in Kansas.

She may have been held in a Russian jail, based on her prison clothing, which raises the possibility that the film is paying homage to the Superman: Red Son or the Red Daughter narrative from The CW’s Supergirl. If so, it might turn out that Supergirl poses a greater threat to our heroes than Zod does.

Story Of The Two Batmen

Let’s be honest, though. We’re all here to support the Batmen. Even though The Flash isn’t strictly a Batman movie, it certainly has a lot of Dark Knight-inspired elements. We know that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck are playing the same characters in this. We also wouldn’t be at all surprised if more Batman cameos appeared as our hero sped through the Speed Force, given what generally occurs when Barry Allen travels through time.

The Flash Needs Two Batmans To Save The Day, Here's Why
The Flash Needs Two Batmans To Save The Day, Here’s Why

In this trailer, Affleck’s Batman is only briefly visible. This is probably the Batman we’ll first meet in the movie before Barry changes the course of events. This Batman appears to have some new accessories, including a motorcycle that resembles Christian Bale’s Batpod in both appearance and sound.

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