Memphis City Council Approves Adjustments To The Laws Governing Traffic Stops

According to Yahoo!finance: Tyre Nichols’ name is brought up in front of the city council on February 7 by protesters.

Two months after Tyre Nichols’ beating death rocked the city and sparked outrage throughout the country, the Memphis City Council on Wednesday enacted three significant police reform laws.

Black male Nichols, 29, died following a traffic stop on January 7. Five Memphis police officers have been charged with second-degree murder in connection with his death. Around a dozen additional police and fire officials are also accused.

Memphis police will no longer be allowed to conduct routine traffic stops using plainclothes officers and unmarked cars under the new laws. However, the department will still be permitted to use unmarked cars in “exigent circumstances,” such as when someone is driving recklessly, speeding, or may have committed a crime.

The Laws Governing Traffic Stops
The Laws Governing Traffic Stops

The council ordered the police to submit reports on traffic stops, arrests, and complaints on a regular basis. The new law mandates an impartial investigation in the event that a complaint regarding the use of force against police is made. Additionally, it grants the local civilian review body the authority to examine the police force.

The votes were cast during a contentious meeting discussion. The majority of speakers supported the reforms, but they were primarily divided based on race; for instance, every white speaker opposed the unmarked automobile ordinance.

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A crucial component of the changes may be in jeopardy since Republicans in the statehouse presented legislation in January that would abolish citizen oversight boards throughout the state.

Nonetheless, city officials persisted in their course of action. Councilman JB Smiley Jr. remarked, “The Memphis City Council should not be the one to kill [the review board].

The council also decided to create impartial review procedures for Memphis police use of needless or excessive force.

After being delivered to the mayor’s office and signed by the head of the City Council, the new law becomes operative.

Philadelphia was the first significant city to outlaw police stops for offenses as small as a broken brake light or an expired inspection sticker last year.

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Nichols, who was unarmed when he died, tried to run from a traffic check by police on foot but was apprehended by officers 800 feet from his parents’ house. At least five officers were seen hitting Nichols in footage from surveillance cameras and police body cameras. He was hospitalized in critical condition and died three days later.

Police initially claimed that Nichols was pulled over for driving carelessly, but the department later said that there was no proof of it.

Steve Mulroy, the district attorney for Shelby County, stated that more police who may have assisted in the arrest of Nichols is still under investigation.

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