After A CPS Visit In Italy Texas The Mother Allegedly Stabbed Her Five Children And Killing Three Of Them

As Per the source WFAA-Texas’ ELLIS COUNTY — According to sources speaking to WFAA, a mother is in custody in Italy, Texas after she is accused of fatally stabbing three of her children and injuring two more on Friday.

Three children in the first grade were reportedly discovered dead inside a house close to Stafford Elementary School in the small Ellis County hamlet on Friday afternoons.

The Mother Allegedly Stabbed Her Five Children And Killing Three Of Them
The Mother Allegedly Stabbed Her Five Children And Killing Three Of Them

With stab wounds, two additional kids were hurt and flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital. Their conditions are unknown.

WFAA received confirmation from Child Protective Services that all five of the children were related.

According to sources with CPS, the suspect allegedly stabbed her kids when a CPS employee showed up unannounced to check on the mother because they thought she was having unsupervised visitations with the kids.

The given tweet is shared by Matt Howerton about the incident:

The children had previously been given to another relative’s custody by CPS. A death investigation is currently underway at a property in Italy that is in front of Stafford Elementary.

There are no other details, however, according to ECSO, CPS was at a residence on this street when it urgently requested help.
The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office swiftly dialed 911 for assistance after verifying that CPS had visited a residence on the block where the crime occurred.

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According to officials, there is now no new threat to the larger community.

The following statement from CPS was issued to WFAA: “We are devastated by this unfathomable tragedy and are already collaborating with law enforcement to look into how and why this occurred.”

Todd Little, the Ellis County Judge, added in a separate statement, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and people of Italy.”

The scene is still under intensive investigation.

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