The Police Chief Of Oakland Was Fired

As the Oakland Police Department nears 20 years of being under federal supervision, the town of Oakland, California, sacked its police chief on Wednesday over the alleged cover-up of an officer’s misbehavior. This marks the departure of the town’s eighth chief of police since 2016.

After a thorough investigation revealed that Sgt. Michael Chung, who was involved in a hit-and-run with his police car in 2021, was not properly examined and disciplined, Democratic Mayor Sheng Thao announced she was firing Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong.

According to The Related Press, a different event further established Chung had shot his gun inside an elevator at the police headquarters.

According to Thao, who entered office last month, the federal judge in charge of the city said in a lengthy statement that he was “profoundly shocked” by the evidence he had seen and that the study revealed “serious cultural concerns” inside Oakland PD.
On August 30, 2022, Oakland, California, police chief LeRonne Armstrong addresses the media during a press conference outside Metropolis Corridor.

The Police chief Of Oakland Was Fired
The Police chief Of Oakland Was Fired

The issues had been deemed serious enough to put Oakland PD in violation of a negotiated settlement provision initially voted upon in January 2003.

To address issues that have been brought to light, Thao said she believes the study shows that ongoing reform is essential.

Oakland’s police department is still being improved, and Thao said, “We need to know that our Chief will be effective in implementing improvements that the federal monitor, the federal court, and the people of Oakland will be able to acknowledge.”

Because of her admiration for Armstrong, she admitted that it was difficult to choose, but she had to set aside her relationships and emotions for progress to be made.

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Chief Armstrong has my admiration and regard for his dedication to the Division and to the Metropolis where he was raised and which he still adores.

She also made it clear that many Oakland police officers serve the public with honesty and work “extraordinarily hard” to maintain and foster trust within the group. Still, the high standards set for the officers should also be met in management.

Here is a video about Oakland police chief LeRonne Armstrong fired:

Last month, Armstrong was placed on paid administrative leave while the mayor reviewed investigations by the department’s federal monitor, which found Armstrong responsible for “gross dereliction of duty.”

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