The Rig Season 2: When Will It Release?

Let’s discuss The Rig Season 2: We are not upset that Martin Compston seems to be everywhere right now. The popular Line of Duty actor recently made a comeback to the BBC for the Scottish thriller Mayflies, and now he’s facing a scary fog in Amazon’s high-octane film The Rig, which is also set just off the Scottish coast on the Kinloch Bravo oil rig.

A bizarre and sudden storm prevents a crew on an oil rig from returning home, and it soon becomes obvious that there is something far more supernatural going on.

Fans will be left wondering if a season two is already in the works because six episodes will be released to the streaming service simultaneously on January 6.

Here is what we currently know about the season: 

Renewal Status and Potential Release Date for The Rig Season 2

The Rig has not yet received a second-season renewal from Prime Video, Before making a decision, the streaming service will assess the general public’s perceptions, the show’s budget, and its viewership statistics.

The Rig Season 2
The Rig Season 2

From a narrative standpoint, a second season makes sense because, following season 1, many questions remain unanswered. But we’ll have to wait and see if the series’ creators decide to move further.

We will still have to wait a very long time for the second season’s release, even if it is approved in the next weeks. The show’s first season began production in March 2021 and debuted in January 2023. The second season will debut by the end of 2024 if the current pace continues.

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Do You Know Star Cast For The Season?

If a second season is ordered, Emily Hampshire will play Rose Mason, Iain Glen will play Magnus MacMillan, Martin Compston will play Fulmer Hamilton, Mark Bonnar will play Alwyn Evans, Rochenda Sandall will play Cat Braithwaite, Owen Teale will play Lars Hutton, Richard Pepple will play Grant Dunlin, Calvin Demba will play Baz Roberts, and Emun Elliott will play Leck Longman.

When asked what drew him to the show, Martin Compston previously stated, “When I spoke to John Strickland [the director], it was the scale of the event that I found interesting. In terms of ambition, it’s the largest project I’ve ever worked on.

Where Is The second season of The Rig Season 2 Shoot?

Iain Glen, who stars in the Amazon series The Rig, spoke candidly about it being the first Amazon production to be shot entirely in Scotland.

The Rig Season 2
The Rig Season 2

It feels like a very Scottish story and all credit to Amazon UK for not attempting to dilute it. “You care differently because you’re portraying your people, your nation, and it does feel that way,” he said to The Herald.

Co-star Mark Bonnar said, “It’s lovely to see Scotland flourishing for this kind of thing. “especially as it features a large cast of local actors in a story written by a local author. It’s wonderful and incredibly enjoyable to watch that happening right now.”

Production Of The Season


After hearing stories from his father about working in the oil and gas business, David Macpherson originally had the concept for the series in 2018. He started composing it in December 2018 and emailed a one-page pitch to producer Derek Wax.  Amazon approved The Rig, and it was announced in November 2020.

David Macpherson wrote and conceived the show, and John Strickland directed and executive-produced it. Suzanne Reid produces, and Derek Wax also serves as executive producer. The series is made by Wax’s company, Wild Mercury Productions.

The series’ scripts underwent the first round of writing in December 2018, The authors are Meg Salter and Matthew Jacobs Morgan.

Final Lines

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What is going on with the oil rig crew?

A bizarre and sudden storm prevents a crew on an oil rig from returning home, and it soon becomes obvious that something far more supernatural is going on.

In the rig, how many episodes are there?

David Macpherson is the creator of the upcoming supernatural thriller television series The Rig for Amazon Prime Video, The John Strickland-helmed series is the first Amazon Original to be shot entirely in Scotland. Six episodes of the show are expected to air starting on January 6, 2023.


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