The Strays Cast: Who Is Playing Whom?

Despite the fact that the film has been met with mixed reviews and has been compared to films that are considered to be of “higher” quality, such as Get Out, I believe that it tells an exciting story and features engaging performances from everyone involved.

About the acting, let’s have a look at The Strays Cast members and see what other works of theirs you could be familiar with…

The Strays Cast: Ashley Madekwe as Neve

Neve, played by Ashley, is the main character in this story. At first glance, it may appear that she has everything under control, but it soon becomes clear that this is all an act. In the film Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Ashley played the character of Bambi, and in the television show Revenge, she played the role of Ashley Davenport. In addition, she has had appearances in the television programs Salem, The Umbrella Academy, and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

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Jorden Myrie as Carl

Carl is a shadowy character who suddenly appears in Neve’s life one day and appears to be the source of a great deal of unease for her. The actor that plays him is Jorden, who you may recognize from the television shows Mood on the BBC, Screw on Channel 4, or the television miniseries Stephen about the assassination of Stephen Lawrence. Jorden has also been seen in the films Dancing in the Dark and Go Gone, as well as Shepherd’s Delight.

Bukky Bakray as Dione

When I first saw Bukky in Rocks, I’ve been a fan of her work, so I was delighted to see her in a film that focused more on the horror genre. She portrays the role of Dione, another mysterious character who appears in the story and appears to tease Neve. Even if you haven’t seen Bukky in Rocks (which you really should), you may have seen her in other films, such as You Don’t Know Me or The Gospel According to Gail.

Bukky Bakray as Dione
Bukky Bakray as Dione

Justin Salinger as Ian

The loving and successful husband of Neve, Ian appears to have a relationship with his wife that can be characterized as being somewhat fraught with tension. Over the course of his career, which spans decades, you could have spotted Justin in a variety of films, ranging from Everest to Hanna. Yet, the drama movie Everlasting Love from 2004 is undoubtedly the one that brought him the most attention.

Maria Almeida as Mary

Mary is Neve’s sweet, innocent adolescent daughter. Maria, a relatively unknown actress who made her debut in the film Beautiful Red Dress in 2022, does an outstanding job portraying the character.

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Samuel Small as Sebastian

Sebastian is Neve’s adolescent son, and despite the fact that he seems to get along well with his family, he also looks to be a little bit lost. Samuel, who you might remember from Season 4 of Game of Thrones playing the role of Little Bird, is the actor behind this character. He has also made appearances on the CBBC show “So Awkward” and the BBC show “The Nest.”

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