The Strays Ending Explained: What’s Wrong With Neve?

One of the newest films to be released on Netflix, The Strays, has a rather interesting conclusion! We were riveted the entire time by the psychological horror thriller, which was based on a real-life incident. But if you just finished it, you could still be wondering something. The Strays’ resolution is described here.

Ashley Madekwe’s character Cheryl, who is leading a fairly terrible existence in London at the start of the film, decides to pack up and leave her life behind. Then, after a number of years, Cheryl reappears, now going by the name Neve, and is leading a very different life. She is married, has two kids, serves as the assistant head of the neighborhood private school, and resides in the suburbs.

This picture-perfect existence is quickly disrupted, though, when Jorden Myrie and Bukky Bakray, who play a Black man and lady, respectively, move into the area and cause her to feel frightened and anxious.

Here’s when the *spoiler alert* warning comes into play.

The Strays’ Resolution Described

It all comes to a climax at the school’s fundraising event when we realize that these two enigmatic strangers aren’t strangers at all after initially fearing that they are stalking her. Really, these are her kids.

Neve is seen explaining to her new family why she was forced to flee the children’s abusive father and leave them behind.

The Strays Ending Explained
The Strays Ending Explained

But, their mother tries to make things right by giving her two oldest children, Carl and Dione, £20,000. Her oldest daughter assumes that Neve would let them stay with her new family. She assures her new family that her prior children have returned to London since she believes she has done enough.

Yet it’s time for a family reunion, as the film’s conclusion reveals!

In the end, Carl and Dione storm into Neve’s house and kidnap the family. Carl and Dione insist on playing a board game and getting Chinese takeout to celebrate Dione’s birthday with the entire extended family, which quickly escalates into a very stressful situation.

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Things become tenser when Carl threatens Neve’s husband, Ian, with a machete and drags him into the house gym, where he is forced to bench too much weight and is fatally crushed by the force.

Neve instructs the delivery driver to wait so she may give him a tip when the doorbell rings with their takeout order. She collects her handbag and slips out the front door silently after spotting an opening to go.

But, Neve first takes a look at herself in the mirror, mirroring as she did at the start of the film when she was about to leave her prior life.

Just Neve’s kids are still inside the house when Carl leaves the gym, and they can hear a motorbike roaring away in the distance.

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The Strays finishes just as it began, with Neve running away from her four children once more, leaving them all by themselves and motherless.

From her four children to Neve herself, who no longer has a home or family and feels like she belongs everywhere, every single character has become a stray.

The mirror scenes weren’t in the original script, Madekwe admitted in an interview with Digital Spy. “That is, in my opinion, a crucial addition. You can kind of look at a work like this and ask, “Alright, how can we enrich this?” I believe that one of those things is by providing some of the backstory “She spoke up.

The Strays Ending Explained
The Strays Ending Explained

“The final act and the pause to examine oneself in the mirror, then, came first and just naturally from the exit. As I was leaving, Nat said, “I love it; let’s do it every time.” It was included when we shot the additional sequence. She is confronting herself, which is a positive moment for the character, in my opinion.”

Oh my goodness, it’s fantastic.

Netflix is currently streaming The Strays.


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