See How Your Favourite Team Performed In The Vermont High School Playoff Results From March 6

Winter playoffs for Vermont high schools are now taking place. Scores, timetables, and game information (leaderboard statistics, game notes) from tournament games in boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, boys’ hockey, and girls’ hockey are provided below.

Playoffs began on February 21 and continue through March 11 (Saturday).

D-I boys basketball semifinals
At Patrick Gym

No. 2 Rice 76, No. 6 Brattleboro 49

The Vermont High School Playoff Results From March 6
The Vermont High School Playoff Results From March 6


R: Drew Bessette 25 points, 11 rebounds. Adam Bilodeau has 21 points and 4 rebounds. Owen Eaton has 10 points.

B: Paul McGillion 17 points, 9 rebounds. Tate Chamberlin had 15 points and 5 rebounds.

No. 1 Champlain Valley 64, No. 4 BFA-St. Albans 40

CV: Tucker Tharpe 15 points, 5 rebounds. Logan Vaughan had 15 points and 10 rebounds.

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BFA: Liam Howrigan 16 points. Will Hughes 9 points.

D-II boys basketball semifinals
At Barre Auditorium

No. 4 Montpelier 60, No. 1 Spaulding 53

D-III boys basketball quarterfinals
No. 5 Bellows Falls 54, No. 4 Richford 51

D-IV boys basketball semifinals
At Barre Auditorium

No. 4 Mid Vermont 47, No. 1 Long Trail 46

D-II girls hockey semifinals
No. 3 Kingdom Blades 6, No. 2 Burr and Burton 1

KB: Ella Blaise 2G, 2A. Isabela Butler 1G, 1A. Gabrielle Young 1G. Isabel Gaudreau 1G. Briannah Waterman 1G. Taylor Blaise 18 saves.

BB: Kaelin Downey 1G. Cyra Pacher has 15 saves.

Note: The Kingdom Blades ran their winning streak to 14 games in booking the program’s first appearance in a title game. The Kingdom Blades led 2-0 after the opening period and 4-1 through two frames.

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Alpine skiing
State championships (giant slalom) at Burke Mountain

Boys Top 10 (two-run combined time): 1. Jake Strobeck, CVU 1:38.41; 2. George Francisco, CVU 1:39.75; 3. Ray Hagios, CVU 1:41.16; 4. Kyle Harned, RUT 1:41.23; 5. Rex Jewell, SB 1:41.39; 6. Sebastian Bronk, CVU 1:41.69; 7. Cyrus Goetze, MMU 1:41.85; 8. Lev Dransfield, MMU 1:42.24; 9. Ari Diamond, CVU 1:42.25; 10. Stokeley Puleio, independent 1:43.30.

Girls Top 10 (Two-run combined time): 1. Ella Lisle, CVU 1:41.41; 2. Carly Strobeck, CVU 1:44.42; 3. Tela Haskell, Rice 1:45.73; 4. Dicey Manning, CVU 1:45.93; 5. Emmy Foote, MMU 1:46.34; 6. Rachel Bialowoz, CVU 1:46.63; 7. Alex Faucher, BBA 1:47.19; 8. Addison Bartley, CVU 1:47.45; 9. Cara Gagliardi, MMU 1:47.50; 10. Lucy Andrus, Stowe 1:47.51.

Alpine skiing
State championships (slalom) at Burke Mountain

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