The Willow Project Petition: What Is It? An Appeal To End Alasks

An Appeal To End Alasks What is the proposed Willow Project on the petroleum-rich North Slope of Alaska, and why is it being petitioned to be stopped?

Following widespread protests in the US and social media criticism from opponents, the Willow Project in Alaska has gained attention from media outlets throughout the world.

The Joe Biden administration is presently deliberating the benefits and drawbacks of the suggested project. This month, a decision must be made, but what is the Willow Project all about?

The Willow Project: What Is It?

The Willow Project is a plan to drill for oil on the petroleum-rich North Slope of Alaska.

The Willow Project Petition
The Willow Project Petition

The project is expected to produce up to 180,000 barrels of oil per day, or around 1.5 percent of the nation’s oil production.

If approved, the project would rank among the largest and most important development initiatives in the history of the nation.

Indigenous villages may receive an “economic lifeline” thanks to the project, according to project backers.

A Petition Is Seeking To Halt The Project

Almost 26,000 people have signed a petition against it that Sienna Floor started on

According to the petition, the project might result in the production of 287 million metric tonnes of harmful chemicals throughout the course of its 30-year development. Similar events occurred recently when a train carrying dangerous chemicals derailed in Ohio, causing mayhem.

Here is something shared by Alaska on Twitter:

Concerns about air and water pollution have prompted numerous people and organizations, including the clothing company Patagonia, to express their dissatisfaction online and in public demonstrations.

“This vast oil extraction operation affects the health of caribou, moose, birds, and the habitats of other wildlife,” according to a statement released by Patagonia.

Native American families who live close to the project site object, expressing serious worries about air and water pollution as well as the deterioration of their traditional hunting and fishing areas.

The Willow Project Petition
The Willow Project Petition

Greenpeace USA has also made a statement and criticized the project on Presidents Day, demanding Biden to “fulfill his climate promises and stop the Willow Project”.

When Will The Decision Be Made?

The project must have a final decision by March, and according to various reports, one might be made in the next two weeks.

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If the project is approved, ConocoPhillips Alaska will work at five different drilling locations to complete the project.


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